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Re: Toxic Mod Authors

Post by EpicFawker »

Mick wrote:It's his site he can do exactly as he wants, like it or not.
I'm very well aware it's his site and he can do as he pleases. I'm also aware he can take a mod that was literally handed to him and destroy it as well and(or) be greedy for his own personal gain. I was just stating that he bans or blocks people for absolutely no reason.

Nonetheless, i have moved passed this and found a better solution then wanting to use this arcade plugin :).
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Re: Toxic Mod Authors

Post by SalazarAG »

Here has toxic extension authors also.

It has a very stupid and I even stopped using its extension.
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Re: Toxic Mod Authors

Post by JimA »

I think this topic has run its course now.

The reasons from the extension author in this specific case have been made clear and like Mick said, it's his board so he is free to decide his own rules. I think we can all agree that we're very appreciative of the work that extension authors do for free. I'm usually not for closing topics, but I don't want to risk this turning into a topic where all kinds of complaints can be left about extension's authors.

If you have a problem with a specific extension author, you can PM somebody on the Extensions Team. Also in general, if you have any problem with any user, you are very welcome to PM me or anyone else on the Moderator Team. The same goes for any questions/remarks with regards to this topic. :)
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