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Re: Tool to search for code

Post by 2600 »

I use Fileseek. Pretty damn decent and gets the job done, plus it's free unless you want added options. I use it so much I should buy the upgrade.

All you do is point Fileseek to your downloaded public_html folder, enter a search term in quotes and search. If you have an idea where that search term may be at then you can chose that specific path. Like styles or whatever. If you have Notepad ++ installed you can direct Fileseek as Notepad ++ to be a handler in Fileseek and when you right click a found string you can open with Notepad ++.

Another great tool to compare text documents or text-based documents is Diffmerge. Then there's Everything.exe which I use for all searches on my computer. It will also search for files that are hidden whether you have show hidden file names on or not in the folder options of Windows.

Just some Info. Here are the links:

One thing I like about Everything.exe is that I can find the hosts file in an instant rather than naving to its path. Since I use Everything.exe in replace of crumby Windows search, I turn off indexing in my HDDs. Saves on wear and tear. Especially with an SSD.

So use Filesekk to search for text withen files, even in dlls.

Use Everything.exe to search for files.


Use Diffmerge to compare files.
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Re: Tool to search for code

Post by thecoalman »

Lumpy Burgertushie wrote:
Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:10 pm
I may go back and try notepad++ again to see if it actually allows you to search folders without having to actually select the files first.
You can search current document, open documents or by folders. The results appear on the bottom, you can click a result which will open the file on the line it appears. You can also also filter what files you are searching.

Quick tip and this is something I use for searching logs. Open a document and open the search dialog box. The last tab is "mark", this will bookmark the line. suppose you were searching for an IP, it will mark all lines the IP appears. If you click the "search" on the menu bar the bottom of that list there is options for bookmarked lines; copy them, delete them, delete unmarked lines etc.
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Re: Tool to search for code

Post by CarolC1 »

AmigoJack wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:34 am
I never trusted Windows to properly read all the files, let alone waste the CPU power by indexing content again and again.
I wondered about this because I'll sit here and edit/delete dozens of files in short order while customizing something and it occurred to me I'm going to be it keeping it busy. It has to be updating the index constantly when you're working. That being said, the indexer was using very little resources when I checked in Task Manager, and I got a lot done yesterday and completed a project using the expanded Windows search. Can you say more about it maybe not reading files correctly?

When I have more spare time I look forward to comparing a bunch of these file search tools that were mentioned, it's turning into a long list. :D
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Re: Tool to search for code

Post by AmigoJack »

warmweer wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:33 pm
the lack of info about the differences between the versions available. I also find it strange that the Community Forum uses a seriously outdated phpBB version
I'm not entirely sure anymore, but the main difference between 7 and 8 may be that the latter can fully display Unicode (that is: even Emojis) due to its internal UTF-16 architecture. I have no clue why one would favor 7 over 8 (other than license reasons). I don't care about the outdated phpBB installation in this case; but I understand the view of judging a software by how it is presented - I also fall for that sometimes when I see too many blatant mistakes all around before even considering a download.

CarolC1 wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:00 pm
Can you say more about it maybe not reading files correctly?
Yes: it requires filters to read file formats correctly. Which may be a cool thing for one and the wrong approach for another - I rather trust text editors searching thru files to also recognize each text file's encoding correctly and by that matching what I'm search, than trusting Windows and its maybe-installed/maybe-not/maybe-incorrectly-programmed filters (read about Bush hid the facts and you'll get an idea on how "good" Windows has been in the past). I have never tested Windows Search throughly, tho - maybe it's more robust than I think, but I just don't want to find out anyway, as it relies on too many details, in contrast to other programs being able to search files.
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Re: Tool to search for code

Post by FredQ »

As a developer I use Visual Studio Code.

As a developer tool it’s excellent, as a text editor it’s excellent, as a tool to search for string in files, it’s blazingly fast.

If you install the php extension in it (I recommend intelephense) you can right click on a keyword and search where it’s been used in the code.

Also, it works in windows, mac and Linux. Definitely worth a try ;)
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