the Official® Merry Xmas 2004™ thread

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the Official® Merry Xmas 2004™ thread

Post by jonlg_uk »


Merry christmas, I hope every one has a nice christmas and santa has brung you what you want! Enjoy this day as if your lucky enough you get to eat lots and relax with the fam. Also we will be thinking of thoes less fortunate than us who don't get to enjoy christmas like the majority of us.

Merry Xmas


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Post by TC »

ok everyone, since this is the first please consider it the ONLY and official™ "Merry Xmas 2004" thread. if you feel the need to wish total strangers some merriment or glad tidings, feel free to use this thread. any others will be locked on sight. also, keep the excessive use of smilies to a minimum.

happy holidays to everyone, and i hope the new year brings goodness.
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Post by soxie »

Merry Christmas. :)
// brian

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Post by battye »

Merry Christmas to the phpBB Teams, great job this year with the moderating, supporting, developing, designing... :)

Merry Christmas to fellow phpBB users, looks like the userbase is pushing 160,000 :D

Merry Christmas to everyone else :)

:D :D :D :D :D
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Post by Gud »

Mery christmas to everyone, :D except Pit. I wish him a happy hannukah.

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Post by pianistsk8er »

TC wrote: ok everyone, since this is the first please consider (...)

Actually, this was the first. ;)

Anyways, to all a very merry Christmas! (or other celebrations)


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Post by nuckfan15 »

Happy Holidays!
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Post by iloserman »

Happy Chrismahanakkuansika!

There, that gets rid of the Politically Correct part of the post.

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Post by RobinHood »

Merry whatever. - a great source for nonsense
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Post by faze1337 »

Happy Chrismahanakkuansika!

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