Why forum over Facebook?

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by canonknipser » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:45 am

AndrewUSA wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:31 am
phpBB: photo button is hidden. Click attachments, click add files, select photo, click "place inline", done. Twice the steps.
phpBB: Drag&Drop the image(s) from your file browser into the edit window
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, click "place inline", done

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by Heo32 » Wed May 15, 2019 2:13 am

I'd like to add to this.

phpBB is more of an exclusive party. Cookies expire when you use phpBB but they don't expire when you visit a Facebook page and continue browsing the Internet. That is how Facebook tracks everyone's browsing habits and make money. Even if you're not registered with them, you're still being tracked. They literally use cookies that are designed to never expire (never die) until you manually deleted them either in your browser or with CCleaner. There is also virtually no chance of data leakage with phpBB provided all software components (PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache/Nginx/etc.) are kept up to date. phpBB has gone through at least one security audit and a lot of security testing, including patches, by the development team over the years. With Facebook, you are literally the product, member or not. Everything you type and everything you upload (photos, videos, documents, etc.) becomes Facebook's property the moment you use their service. You completely give up your rights to privacy and ownership of your data since you are not actually paying any money for the service. Each member is worth approximately $12 to Facebook with about 1 billion users to date and growing. It is proprietary software that uses complex algorithms to identify your interests and needs. You don't know where they sell your data to, the extent of it, or what else they do with it. For phpBB, your data is not sold to corporations for the purpose of advertising and profiting. Even though phpBB is not as popular as it once was, the software has gotten better as time passes thanks to all of the volunteers and contributors who add/edit code. They do this not because it is their job, but because they want to without financial profit or to find new ways to take advantage of people like Facebook does. Facebook relies on loopholes and legal exploits with addictive elements added to their site to keep people browsing, thus being exposed to more advertisements and tracking where you visit, what you've seen, what you've liked/disliked, which ads caught your attention, what your browsing habits are outside of Facebook, and so on. They then throw new changes in their long ToS list which you have to agree with when you sign up or log in. If you love ice cream, they know which flavour you prefer and you will get advertisements for ice cream. If you have dental issues, they know that, too, and will advertisement dentists to you in your local area. If you have a certain chronic disease, browsing the Internet with a Facebook cookie on your system will send them that information and it will be stored in their database, and you will get advertisements for that particular chronic disease because that is what makes them make money. They know more about you than you know about yourself. The Facebook website looks innocent enough. It runs well and is very interesting. But there is a big cost to using it through the use of exploitation, manipulation, addictive elements, giving up ownership of your files and information when you upload literally anything to the site, not respecting original content made by authors (e.g. videos) by allowing anyone to re-upload them to facebook on your profile without credit or monitory transfer, getting advertised to, etc. They are the business and you are their product. They will make money off of you through any legal means possible. If any of this makes you feel uncomfortable or concerned at all, that's probably a good thing.

Feel free to correct me if anything I've said happens to be untrue.

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by Tastenplayer » Thu May 23, 2019 3:33 pm

It seems that especially young people who spend the whole day with their cell phones in their hands prefer to go around the Facebook groups rather than a forum.
I definitely prefer to go to a forum.
Facebook seems insecure to me and all my data are kept permanently - I'm sure (The people responsible on Facebook can write what they want.
I don't believe them everything. :lol: )

In addition, I find a forum more clearly arranged. What interests me I find much faster in the forum than in a Facebook group.
In particular, I don't constantly receive unsolicited emails from a forum like by Facebook.
But I'm not the cell-phones type.

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by AmigoJack » Fri May 24, 2019 7:07 am

Tastenplayer wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 3:33 pm
Facebook seems insecure to me
You misspelt "has proven to be insecure numerous times in the past".

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by Ilikeit » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:06 am

In my opinion SM can't replace the need for a discussion board. Most SM groups show a trending feed, it's super hard to find anything specific that you'r looking for.
Also, u can't ignore the fact that most discussion boards offers the right to remain anonymous, which is highly important for a lot of people.

I guess that if the forum systems want to keep up with SM alternative, major changes and updates need to be added in order to help people reroute their discussions to a forum. Unfortunately, nowadays I don't see any platform that offers this kind of changes..

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by Paul Arden » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:42 am

I've been running a fly fishing/casting forum for over 20 years. Facebook has been a huge killer of my forum at least. Groups of people who first met via the forum are now conversing on FB. I am very much looking forward to the day that FB dies :D :D The privacy is appalling - I read that they even sell the content of your private messages! Anyway we have to use Facebook in order to market, so we are stuck under this rock at the moment.

There are several major advantages offered by forums that facebook simply doesn't match. The first is that if you want to have a technical discussion this is impossible on FB. Trying to format a long post within the little posting FB box is extremely difficult, and that's without adding images. Secondly, because of the way that you can answer individual posts on FB and not only by adding to the end, the integrity of the discussion disappears. And if it's a long FB discussion, it's very difficult to follow it from the beginning - you have to click back and back and back...

There are two other problems with FB. One is that discussions that are not currently active become hard to find and secondly - and I think it's probably the most important thing of all - discussions are not found on Google. Let me give you an example of this; when I have a problem with my car, I do Internet searches and the results are never facebook discussions, but car repair forums.

It's funny, then I see a FB post about fly casting (ok it doesn't have to be fly casting!) I think only your friends will see this. You have a maximum of 5000 friends, of those 5000 friends only about 10% actually see it in their newsfeed. What a waste! Information should be there for everyone, and obviously that's not what you want with FB who already give too much of your information away already!

20 years ago, when the Internet was young, fly casting was not really understood at all. Forums brought instructors together from all over the world. It took about ten years but the result was a far clearer understanding of the physics and of teaching - it was like going from the Dark Ages to Enlightenment. There is absolutely no way that would have happened via FB.

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Re: Why forum over Facebook?

Post by PoliFactsGlobal » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:48 pm

Biggest reason for me - I is have 100% Complete control, and not subject to FB rules!

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