Donate to victims of Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis

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Re: Donate to victims of Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

Post by SHS` »

All links to local Red Cross and Red Cresent foundations:
smithy_dll wrote: the un site ( links to in several places (such as this page

ICANN don't give names like and to anyone

Well, if we're talking semantics, the official sites for the UN is, but alas the .org domains are also legit sites:

UNICEF for some strange reason just gets a .org:

/me donated £50 already... might have some other cunning plan too. :D
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Post by Devil5 »

I just sent $150 to the Red Cross...I hope the ppl who lost there homes get a new one with the money ppl send in.

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Post by Kanuck »

Well, collectively we'll be a tiny dent. But christ, already 60,000 dead and experts say that toll will at least double... this is the largest humanitarian aid effort in history, it's just unbelievable. Hopefully if enough online communities, school groups, congregations and such can come together to raise some funds, it will make things a little better.

My Mom works for Christian Children's Fund, one of the other organizations listed on the article. It should be interesting to get her perspective on this, because something like this is pretty well unprecedented. If the money doesn't get there soon, disease and starvation could cause another wave of deaths, it's a real nightmare situation.

Thanks for the sticky, Drae. Full credit for this, though, should go to Caesar at Ars for bringing this to my attention with his front-page article.
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Post by danb00 »

I will donate some just as soon as i get my new credit card through as i had to cancel my old one cos i lost it.

Also if you did not know
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Post by ZoliveR »

There's also a good coordination in Europe, and in Belgium.
The Red Cross (Croix Rouge in french) is very active and have already sent 30t of stuff, first help... etc...
I gave up 15€
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Post by sun4me »

They collected over 2000 $ here at my workplace at IBM.

What I find very strange though is that nobody is donating anything if 10000 die in Turkey or 25000 in the Philipines or when 3 Million die in Congo because of the war and riots.

Why is it so popular to donate now? Have you ever thought about that?

I don't want to say, that I think it's wrong to give something (I donated 25$). It just makes me think.

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Post by fumbalah »

$25 Dollars to Unicef From Me, Hope it will help

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Post by Amailer »

you can get some info at google also (if you haven't seen it)

donated $50
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Post by Kazer0 »

Does anyone know of any charity that takes paypal?
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Post by soxie »

Well, after a quick run over to the paypal website, they seem to have a donations link up. I would assume (and hope ;)) that they accept paypal. :P
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Post by nuckfan15 »

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Post by Kazer0 »

Um.. 404.
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Post by Graphic »

Kazer0 wrote: Um.. 404.

Try here.
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Post by Rapid Dr3am »

If you are like me you have some unused paypal funds, normally a few dollars somewere between the $1-$50 mark stored in your paypal account because they are hardly worth withdrawing.

Please if you have some send them to here, were they can be put to a good use.

Rember than that $1 you have doing nothing might save a life.

Our prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives.

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Post by MHobbit »

$15-$20 is on its way to UNICEF USA for now, hopefully more to come...
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