[solved] Lights out puzzle solver

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[solved] Lights out puzzle solver

Post by Jessica » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:08 pm

I need a little help with this. A while back I found a Lights out puzzle solver and I copied the code for it so I can have one of my own and perhaps modify it. It worked then, but then just recently I stupidly deleted the folder containing all the files. The original page with the solver is no longer around - you get an error.

I've sort of managed to recover the code, but I say sort of because it isn't working. So I am asking for assistance. Is there something missing or wrong with the code that is preventing it from working?

https://gist.github.com/JessicaC/3e25b1 ... 30be42d35f

Page with solver:
http://chenschool.elementfx.com/lightso ... tsout.html

What this solver is supposed to do is let you customize the puzzle to match the pattern of the Lights out game you are playing, then provide you with the solution (turn it all black). Blue is "lights on", black is the opposite. There are different sizes, and you can have more than two colors. On the solution the "1" is where you are supposed to click. The solver also have randomized puzzles.

Thanks for any help

EDIT: This issue has been solved
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