Advice on best platform or codebase for online turn by turn game.

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Advice on best platform or codebase for online turn by turn game.

Post by onyx1 »

Hello I am putting together a budget and design document for a turn by turn game. I am not seeking offers at this time, but advice. As I have seen similar systems done in their own clients, even more through browsers, starwars combine comes to mind, I also remember Neveron but there have been many since. I require little in the way of graphics.

The game will largely be forum text, with a combat system done by posters against other posters or a moderator. With various stats affected by skills selected when they post their text, likely in dropdown boxes at the bottom of the reply. There will be several static screens and an item system which will function much as the skill system, only allowing for items to be transferred between posters. I have seen RPG mods done here in the past, and mine would be a similar design.

There will be a results post, where dice are rolled to see the effect of player choices, then the moderator (or posters) will begin the next round. As I prefer text roleplay, in the threads themselves little additional graphics are needed, outside of it, maybe a static portrait for the characters, cities, items, skills, families and a static map, with a grid I can color in over the top of a JPG to show territory won or lost. I might also require space for a custom image for the results post.

Think DnD, Vampire Masquerade etc.

No movement is needed outside of threads. I may use a positioning system, but it would be as simple as the moderator naming X number of positions at the start, then the players posting which they are in and using a 'movement' skill to move between them. Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom for example. With skills only able to affect those in the same positions. This adds complication so it will depend on how big a hassle it is to code. I don't want to go full graphics map with this as mentioned, so it would simply be a named variable.

My budget will be somewhere between 3-5 thousand pounds. I've seen freelancer projects done for 3k so I assume this will be enough. This is incidentally my second question.

1) What codebase or medium would you pick?
2) How much would you budget this for? Assuming over generously 12 static template screens, which I can duplicate to enter the information. An item system. A grid I can color in (over my own JPG) And the big one, an RPG combat system with predone skills assigned to players by moderators. - This may actually need to be 2 systems, a moderator vs players and players vs players, depending on how it is coded.

If you got this far, thanks for your time. Again I am not seeking offers at this time, I am putting the budget together and the design document.

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