Stupid run, although not Friday the 13th.

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Stupid run, although not Friday the 13th.

Post by Tastenplayer »

On Friday morning I was vaccinating my dog. In the middle of the way home he wanted to get into the transport box. This is a replacement kit and the door has no hinge. The dog wanted to come in too early and screamed the whole street together. Half the dog was trapped, I thought I could never free him again.

In the afternoon I had to take the dog out. After the vaccination he never runs. So with the almost 4 kilo light dog off to the meadow.
Everywhere there are holes from the road construction workers. Suddenly I flew like a dolphin through the air - with the dog on my arm. I thought I would never get up again and just looked that nothing would happen to the dog. One knee landed in the meadow, the other on the cobblestones.
I didn't even notice that I still had two deep cuts, like from a knife in my knee. Probably remains of the workers.
Home with the dog - family doctor on the phone - ringing the neighbour's bell. The neighbour heard nothing. So I walked 20 minutes to the family doctor.
After over 2 hours with the family doctor off home.
On Saturday, he got circulatory problems. Couldn't even get out with the dog. After 2 hours in which no improvement occurred the emergency of the hospital called. With the taxi off to the hospital. From 19.45 to 24.00 in the hospital spent. There they wanted to take me immediately inpatient. I did not mean to go, because I first had to find someone for the puppy. So I got a splint for my legs and I went home with the taxi.
On Sunday 08.45 again control in the hospital with taxi. The chief physician said that it would look much better and that I could go home.
Yesterday night I got an allergic reaction from the antibiotics. This morning again off to the family doctor where I was hung on the drip, for the purpose of liquid supply.
Man and son are in GR because of the death. I could finally update my forum, finish styles, otherwise do whatever I want. Instead I can't sit anymore and have to go off to the springs.
Yes, it was really stupid :-). The dog had huge shock otherwise nothing happened to him. And still haven't found an acceptable place for my dog.
But what luck I had, despite everything, that I didn't bang my head against the streetlamp.

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