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Re: The Coronavirus Topic

Post by warmweer »

OK, my fault - I deviated seriously from the corona-subject and I've (again) broken a couple of rules and regulations specific to phpBB and this forum (and by expansion this topic).
The thing is that I agree with the principle of free speech, as long as it's not dangerous (which creates implies that "dangerous" would have to be defined). The question of accountability then arises (a subject for another topic in which I have no intention to participate).

The link with corona I was aiming at is the question whether blatant mispresentation of facts, bad/dangerous advice, inaction, etc ... (including active lying) is morally acceptable (but again that's opening a can of worms). (plus that it's an overlap with the DT topic).
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Re: The Coronavirus Topic

Post by 3Di »

And anyway, numbers make all the difference, everywhere. Oops. :ugeek:
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Re: The Coronavirus Topic

Post by HiFiKabin »

Despite many reminders and post deletions this topic continues to go off topic, so closed

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