About avatars, nicknames and moods. 🤔

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About avatars, nicknames and moods. 🤔

Post by 3Di »

I personally disapprove and if I can avoid them those characters on the web, in quotes, who often change avatars or nicknames or who, by changing their avatar try to convey to us their mood for which there should be another tool or use their signature ... also to let us know who they were before.

This is much appreciated and does not lead to confusion. It's like dealing with people who don't have a real stability outside the web therefore you can't rely on them, even if it's virtual. I understand changing your avatar for some festive/special occasions, that's not a problem if not so evident.

Not to mention those who sign up here with a nickname, then on IRC with another one then on Discord with another one and then finally land on your board thinking they are safe.

From what? :lol: :P

And believe me I know a lot of them here. :geek: ;)

The avatar is an image chosen to represent its users in communities, places of aggregation, discussion, or online gaming.
Even better all around the web like a gravatar is.
The word, which is in Sanskrit language, comes from the Hindu tradition, in which it has the meaning of incarnation, of assumption of a physical body by a god: by metaphorical translation, in internet jargon we mean that a real person who chooses to show himself to others, does so through his own representation, an incarnation: an avatar. This image, which can vary in theme and size (usually established in advance by community regulations), can depict a fictional character (e.g. a cartoon, a comic strip), reality (e.g. one's favorite singer or actor, or even one's own image), or even more varied themes, such as comic cartoons, lyrics, and more.

The place of greatest use of avatars are forums, instant messaging programs, and online role-playing games where it is customary to create an alter ego.
Instead, the mood indicates what you feel at some specific time, not to be confused with the avatar or your own visual representation in the virtual way that must remain so if you are consistent. As, on the other hand, is the nickname.

Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but what do you think?

And yes, my nickname and avatar are 20 years old, so before of my joning date here. :) And proud of that.

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