Trump violates 1st Amendment for Photo Op.

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Re: Trump violates 1st Amendment for Photo Op.

Post by warmweer »

A quick (and short) reaction as I seem to have lost my constitutional right at taking a break. (June promised to be calm after a hectic May, but what are promises worth these days :? ).
John connor wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:31 am
But if you use your partisanship and say you don't want to deploy the national guard all because Trump just happens to be president for the next four years ...
WTH (or even WTF) are you talking about? Are you insinuating that the coming elections are just pro forma ?
John connor wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:31 am
The Secretary of defense that has a beef with Trump is not the current Secretary of defense but former "Mad dog" Manttis who has been a very big disappointment.
Please try to read and understand what is written, AND TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE TIME WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN!
It was Mark Esper who expressed his difference of opinion. Manttis' reaction was later.
Regardless: criticism from within the Republican Party has been mounting, not so much about his handling of the corona crises, but specifically about the way he polarises just about everything. Politics is not about creating divisions but about finding common ground to work with.

Also the use of "left" and "right" in US politics is a historic feature but the Democrats aren't lefties at all (in the sense of socialistic, and absolutely not communistic) (and neither are the Liberals). Politically speaking (in a historical context) they are all right wing (and even more than the average European).
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Re: Trump violates 1st Amendment for Photo Op.

Post by 3Di »

Pentagon versus Trump

A very harsh attack on Donald Trump by his former Pentagon chief James Mattis, who condemned the use of the army against the protests over Floyd's death, calling it an "abuse of executive power" to clear the crowd in front of the White House for a "bizarre photo-op" of the commander-in-chief with the military leadership at his side. And he calls for "rejecting and calling to account those who hold office and mock our constitution". ... -1.5187403
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Re: Trump violates 1st Amendment for Photo Op.

Post by thecoalman »

3 posts unrelated to the protests have been removed. This topic is not about some news channel. It's not about whether Trumps is best or worst President and it most certainly has nothing to do with how good or bad some other Politician is.
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Re: Trump violates 1st Amendment for Photo Op.

Post by Random American »

John connor wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:31 am
While you may be entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to your facts. The fact is as soon as that church was burned down that violated people's first amendment right to religion from begin with and that's what enticed the president to go there. You call this a photo Op, but truth is Trump won largely due to the Christian vote. He may not be the most "Christian", who the hell is? But to say you're holier than thou and persecute a president that shares solidarity with a church that was torched right in front of his current residence the White House speaks volumes of partisan, stir the pot, lets gang up on Trump bull shit. The media is good at this that's why Trump has been saying fake news for so long and with well founded merit. I see it, he sees it. It doesn't matter if it's CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, up to and including bull crap ESPN. They are ALL left of center and that's the fact, not my opinion. While FoxNews may appeal to the right of center populace, at least they tell the story that the other major news networks won't because the editorial head is an actual left-wing dip shit.
Officials from that very network of churches condemned Trump's usage of that church for grandstanding. They are not in solidarity with him. Even people like Pat Robertson are starting to break with Trump, and I know Pat Roberson ain't a liberal. Even some of that Church's clergy was forcibly pushed back. My source is the article I linked in that earlier sentence. Fox News is the Republican version of MSNBC; it is a propaganda arm. You once admitted that Fox News always confirmed your opinions. Not even the smartest people on earth are right 100% of the time, nor is any one political ideology. If a News Network always confirms your opinions, it is probably propaganda targeted for people who have your views.

If you don't think Pat Robertson broke with Trump, and that this is all left-wing propaganda, you can read a comment by a pissed off Trump supporter at the bottom of a CBN page: ... ow=700club
Deborah Smith In The CBN Comments wrote:June 2, 2020, the day I may leave the CBN Family. Pat you took a promise from our President that he would protect us from evil as he is supposed to do. You took one word "jerk" which may be accurate and made it a headline across the country on the nightly news. Please think about what you are saying and try to support our President through good times and bad. He took a bible and walked to St. John's church. What do you supposed the message was. He didn't say much but his actions told all of us who saw it that he is inviting Jesus to help us with the mess we have right now. He welcomes him. He wants us to welcome him. Many didn't see this because the main stream only showed excerpts and used it for criticism no one showed it all but Fox. After all your talk about love, you could have handled this better. I am so disappointed in your response. He put out the option to send in the guard if many of our inept governors on the left wouldn't stop the violence. It doesn't mean he is planning on it, but he is saying to them, PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE - THAT'S YOUR JOB!!! The good hard working people of all races are already devastated by the virus and now this is the nail in many of their coffins. Can you imagine being in President Trump's shoes these past 3 1/2 years? Not many can. I can't think of another man on this earth that could have handled the hate spewed at him and his family daily the way he has. We the People are thankful that we have someone in the white house who truly loves this country and will obviously go to the mat for all of us. It's obvious to many that God put him in the Oval Office for a reason. Think of all the corruption in our government we would have never known about if Hillary would have won. I will support him as long as I feel that is what God wants me to do. He's not perfect, he's just human but has done a tremendous job and then the virus hit. I'm on the fence about that to do now. I am thinking of changing to Samaritan Purse.
John connor wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:31 am

I'm partisan in the sense of right and wrong. Common sense over mainstream nonsense. A champion of trickle down and not INSANE trickle up. I stick to my guns and am VERY vocal about what is right and wrong whether one thinks it's partisan or not. We live in a polarized universe. Whether it's the god given truth of Newtonian physics, astrophysics, chemistry, thermal dynamics, mass to energy equivalence, light and dark, left or right, good or bad. But if you use your partisanship and say you don't want to deploy the national guard all because Trump just happens to be president for the next four years and you are allowing your own city to burn down, then that is in fact a dereliction of duty and that asinine politician needs to be removed from office and just let the president take care of the kids on the playground since these idiot politicians are inept.
Your sense of right and wrong is based on blind loyalty to the Republican party. You think that Republican party equals "right" and opposition equals "wrong."
John connor wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:31 am
But you are by the way you have framed the topic at hand in the OP and its title. The fact is they burned down a church, and you are claiming the president is violating their 1st amendment right to these people who are violent and threw a bottle at the attorney general. Further, it was AG Barr to call on pushing the "protesters, rioters" away from the White House, not the president. Did you even bother to use your two eyes and read the article or am I wasting my time?
I use my two eyes. I just don't use my two eyes to blindly read and believe pro-Trump bullshit. A fire was set the day before, but that was put out. The Church wasn't crippled nor completely destroyed. The batch of protesters who were pushed back were not the same protesters, they were peaceful. You claim that someone threw a bottle at the attorney general, then what should have happened was the arrest of the upstarts within the protests, not the pushing back of everyone there. The timing of the pushback and the photo Op. is just too convenient for them not to be related. I don't buy the official line, regardless of what Fox News says.
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