Whats is the worst thing you have ever done on a computer?

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Post by rick` »

Worst thing I've done to my computer...
install half a dozen trojans to write scripts to remove them :P Two worked... then I had to format to get the rest off :-? Go me :lol:

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Post by G-Dub »

I was building a computer for a friend and I had set everything up, but when it came to booting there was no response. I was so convinced I had fried the motherboard, it was the first PC I had built in ages.

In the end, I hadn't moved the main jumper on the motherboard away from the 'clear' setting :oops: Took the guy in the shop I bought it from to tell me
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Post by erk »

I made an endless loop on the web server. We needed to do the reboot and few people lost their work.
I installed Lilo on the first partition instead of on the master boot record. Pretty funny...you select to boot first partition and end up in the same selection screen.
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Post by Darth Wong »

I pushed in an IDE connector with too much force once because it wouldn't go in due to a misaligned pin. I ended up breaking something in the motherboard because it wouldn't POST after that.
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Anaximander Thales
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Post by Anaximander Thales »

My first experience probably seemed like the worse thing I could do, in my father's eyes. I was curious as to how computers worked so I opened up my dad's work computer (a blazing fast 286, with 4 megs of RAM0 and took it all apart. I had just finished pulling the hard drive out when he came home. I had 30 minutes to get it all together and working again. Somehow I succeeded?

Overall, the worse thing I've done is smoke my processor from an aggressive overclocking.
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Post by Kitilop »

I have buy 100MB Webspace for a board. but the webspace didn`t have php and mysql :(
i am have a german supportboard an find the phpBB very very very very good ^^

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Post by AdamR »

Somehow (don't ask me how), but I inserted a processor the wrong way. When I went to lock it in place, I heard a loud crunch. Let's just say it didn't suffer (much) through its death.
erk wrote: I made an endless loop on the web server. We needed to do the reboot and few people lost their work.

Don't remind me of when I did that once (keyword: once). :P

- Adam
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Post by NeoThermic »

Mine would be connecting an AT power supply cable incorrectly. Since the two conectors are identical at a glance, I had them wrong, and well... it blew everything. Whoops. :oops:

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Post by Nephrus »

I've put a motherboard onto a chassis with the wrong screws... fried it right there when we turned it on. :D
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Post by Outofmymindyo »

Managed to lose about 25GB of music while doing a SuSe dual boot on my old desktop system about a year ago. SuSe wasn't showing the partitions properly and I was just clicking away telling it to format whatever it wanted.

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Post by Ksilebo »

Nephrus wrote: I've put a motherboard onto a chassis with the wrong screws... fried it right there when we turned it on. :D

Ohh, I've done that one before...

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Post by Sneezy »

I put a 486 processor in the wrong way and fried it.

I also wallked across my office, touched the computer, got a static shock, the computer turned off and that was the last it ever worked.

Last summer I over wrote a weeks worth of program changes for a customer and had to re-create them all plus a weeks worth of testing, now that really sucked! :oops:

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Post by TC »

wait, so things we've done on top of a computer, or things we've done to a computer? two drastically different answers there...
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Post by Fick »

Crushing my old PC with a sledgehammer and then running it over in my truck. I may have done it on purpose, but still, its pretty bad.

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Post by Heimidal »

I've never done anything too horrible on the hardware side of things.

On the software side, I accidentally deleted a site design and content that had taken about 40 hours. I was able to piece it back together almost perfectly from old copy and screenshots I had taken to show the client... that was definitely a week from hell.

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