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Here is my desktop. Yeah... I know it is still default windows.

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End of a Shadow wrote: My latest desktop, no its not a MacOS it is however WinXP using ObjectDesktop.


Awesome desktop, anyway we can get a link to the wallpaper?

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Stumbled it upon ObjectDesktops website

This is my newest desktop


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Here's mine.
I took this at the Giants game on March 5th.
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Nephrus wrote: Here's mine.

Nice to see an FF9 fan :)

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Outofmymindyo wrote: What are you using for the weather and etc?

Samurize, for the dock, with a basic custom config and DesktopWeatherXML v1.4 for the weather.
Rainlendar is the calander.

And I got a new desktop now aswell...


File Size: 1739 KB
Dimensions: 1280 x 1024 pixels

Don't ask about the calander. It's there for uni purposes.

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Not posted by desktop for a while, but finally I am going to let you see it :P

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