Women in combat.

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Post by Rabidus_Lupus »

Kail wrote: The whole resistance to putting women in fighting position stems from gender roles in our society and a belief that men are more able combatants, among being superior to women in a number of ridiculious ways.
Men are more naturally combative. I'm pretty sure women outnumber men in society. I think it's safe to assume the average male is more willing to get into fights than the average female. I also believe males seem to be more emotionally attached to violence than females. Now adding that to my other reasons, why is it so ridiculous that men should be the one's in combat roles rather than women?
I believe women and men deserve the same rights and responsibilities in a modern society, it includes military service.
As for female soldiers, check out Israel. They have had women in the army for a very long time.
Are their women sent into combat? Either way, I don't see Israel as a country I'd like to base mine on.
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Post by Schwpz »

Historically the main reason for why women have not been allowed to participate in armed combat has not as much to do with physical strenght, as to their reproduction abilities. If 40% of the male population in a little isolated village died in combat, it would slighty affect the village's birthrate for several years. While if 40% of the village's female population died in combat, it would affect the village's birthrates for generations, and may actually even threath its very existence. At least in a pre-birthcontroll pills, pre-automobils and pre-penicilin era, which in most parts of the world would mean going only 100 years back in time or less.

That is not a valid argument in modern society, taking into consideration how low today's birthrates and infant deaths are, but changing more than 1000 years old traditions and ways of thinking are not something that can be done in a day. Personally, if a woman wish to join military and participate in armed combat I do not see why they should not be allowed. It's not a job position many women usually apply for, partly due the lack of support received from friends, family and the rest of society. So if a women is so determined that she's willing to defy tradition and go ahead and choose such a path despite knowing the hardship she will meet in her work from family and colleagues alike, I think you'd be better off with her than without her.
Here where I live men are forced to join the military, regardless of their personal opionion on the matter. In the choice of entrusting a mission between three men who lacks motivation, hates the military and are just waiting to find a way to get home, and a woman that fought her way to the system just to get this possibility, I'd go for the woman. If nothing else than because the hardship a woman has to go through to get even a slightly significant position in the military will have made her much tougher than the avarage forcibly recruited man.

Just my personal, humble opinion of course. ^^
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Post by wicked1 »

ok this is an interesting topic as I myself am a soldier and have seen the war along with women by my side. If you dont like the war and hate me for being there please save it. I DIDNT ASK TO GO THERE! Again from over 4 years of experience I will tell you that women have earned their right to be there and I would trust them as much as a man to do what is needed to complete the mission. However this is only some women.. More women drag us down and slow us down because they are weaker and not able to keep up.. But heres the kicker.. Large number of men do the same thing. Slow us down and compromise our effienciecy <-(Cant Spell). So when you look at the big picture their are more men in the military than women so ultimately by numbers more men are bad for combat than women. However if their were equal numbers of men and women the women would be the more damaging force against us. To break the topic idea of man or female I can say that some people are bad for combat. Alot of people actually. Some women do very well for one reason or the other.. Either they are in shape, smart and doing what they do kinda comes natural. Its a mentality. Or alot of women feel they have something to prove to the men and the world.. So they bust their rump trying. I will always respect someone that tries their best no matter what their motivation.. My first day at war I had 16 guns put in my face.. I about crapped my pants. However I feel that I am capable of combat and I resolved the situation without being killed or a single shot fired. Some women could do just the same.. Others would just take off running and be shot in the back.. Again my final words are Some people are just not cut out for it whether they made it through training or not.

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Post by OneLung »

Even after so many years of hearing and reading it, I am still shocked and dismayed by the opinions of those whose combat training and experience comes from Hollywood. ( exception to: wicked1).

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Post by Odami »

Darth Wong wrote:
Rabidus_Lupus wrote:As far as the grenade thing, we're trained to find cover. Should you decide to kick it away good luck, those timers aren't in minutes.

And yet that is exactly what you would do if the thing happens to land at your feet, since the time it takes to get to safe distance would be far greater than the time it takes to kick it away and hit the deck. I notice you chose not to address the fact that your earlier "jump on a grenade" nonsense is completely contrary to all military training.

I would like to take the time to own you in your false statement of "Hollywood acts"


Basically a 442nd Japanese American that fought in Italy won the medal of honor for diving on the grenade to save his comrades... And I really doubt you have any experience in war outside of what you see in "Hollywood, you believe that such acts are cliche while we as civilians do not know the truth of such heroic acts. If you are suppressed by enemy fire and there is no other alternative one person may put the safety of his comrades over himself and sacrifice.

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Post by Cardcaptor Stacey »

What an interesting topic...

Well, I guess it's okay for women to fight if they choose too, though I wouldn't like it if they started calling up women if the army were getting short on soldiers in a war. If that woman trained and everything, then it's okay :)
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