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Tomthumb wrote: That Google space launch looks photoshopped as well.

I really doubt Google would bother with the expenses of a complex and costly space launch.

I think Google will just continue to release web-based and web related applications, as well as a few windows and linux based apps. They have several executables already. One of which is to notify Gmail users of new mail.


It was photochopped, that was just to provide a laugh. LOL you believed it!

Back to the topic on hand, I think Google would be severely damaged if it went from a powerful search engine, mail account provider to an OS straight out. Despite reading the pro's and cons of this i, I do think that it is not Google's goal to have an OS.

I think though what we are seeing here is just a little hand at what Google can do. I do think a Browser would be the next logical step before if they ever to consider an OS.
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Pit wrote: As for the actual topic, I'll see your Google Operating System and raise you one Google Space Programme.

I'll see your dinky little shuttle and raise you The Moon
The G.C.H.E.E.S.E Job Opportunities Page wrote: This month, Google will release version 10.0 of an operating system that has been optimized for the demands of extra-terrestrial computation. Known as "Luna/X," the new command architecture is impervious to radiation, low gravity, absolute zero temperatures and airless environments. Even the most intricate scripts coded in Luna/X can withstand the harsh conditions of lunar operation for months, if not years.

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