Your Local Bus Service, Good or Bad?

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Post by Amailer »

The new VIVA busses have actually improved transportation in Canada... atleast in the York Region area, its pretty cool... comfortable; I like the fact that it gives an approximate (and usually very accurate) time when the next bus is due... and the fact that you can buy the tickets at the bus stop its self :D

Only thing thats kinda weird is that... you can get in without a ticket (at the risk of getting caught and getting fined or w/e of course :D).

the rat
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Post by the rat »

Rapid Dr3am wrote: Thank God for the internal combustion engine!

You see I'd love to disagree with that. I'd love to say, "No, we should leave our cars at home and get the bus to work" but I know, certainly in my area, that such a move is impossible.

I really want a dependable public transport system in my area but the way it's set up means it will never happen. The UK have seriously screwed up so much public transport. Trains are notoriously over priced and unreliable and bus services are really bad in some areas (downright dangerous in mine). Now I have learnt that my local bus monopoly (that avoids monopoly legislation) is putting up the prices by 8%, way above inflation, and not long after another price rise which was disguised as a "simplification of fairs". Obviously bus passengers are too stupid to deal with prices of 40p, 70p and £1.00 so instead it was made to 75p and £1.10. But it's not a price rise, it's a simplification of fairs.

It makes me sick and if I could wish for one thing that the British Government could do it would be to sort out the public transport in this country and either put the buses back into public hands or force the companies to stick to their remits on service.

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Post by chainreaction2009 »

Our public transport system here in Western Australia is fantastic. City wise anyway. Transperth have a lot of great bus services/train services/ferry services/ and of course tram services that help you get around to where you go.

In my area my bus comes every 20 minutes up until 9.00am then after that its every hour at 5 past the hour to 7.05pm.

Then on weekends it runs to late, both to Perth city and back. Anyway thats because I live in suburbian area.

In the hills its not that bad, but they need more bus's to go up there though. has so much information as well for commuters, the new smart riders are coming in on 8th Jan. The web site and the main transport service/help desk stations help you with any question enquiries and notify you of any service disruptions.

I think I have to say, Western Australia has a very lucky transport system. (TransPerth is doing a great job). Again i am biased, and i dont really travel to other states.

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Brent C. Stevens
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Post by Brent C. Stevens »

Don't use a bus, my work is 20 metres from my home, and when I do have to travel, my GMC safari takes care of that. Only drawback I have is finding parking for it - Many of the car parks in England are too low!

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Post by nblythin »

Public transportation is really bad here (Niagara Falls). We have an ok system for the tourists in what we call the "Fallsview area". But service within the rest of the city is bad... between towns is even worse.

Years ago (when my wife was still in university), it would take me just over 10 minutes to drive her to school. By bus it was over an hour, transfering twice between different city's bus services.

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Post by karlsemple »

lol i wouldnt call ours a "service" says it all i think

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Post by Augustino »

In some cities of Mexico, is good and in others cities is bad. The transport is diferent in each city, In Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey there are metro and light train, electric buses, and others services

For example in aguascalientes, is good, in zacatecas is so so the local buses

Brent C. Stevens
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Post by Brent C. Stevens »

HEH! I remember the busses in Mexico City! More mini-busses than the long ones we get here in England.


The drivers would drive like racing car drivers, usually there's some guy who'se helping let people on and off the bus who stands of the step of the door - I'm surprised these guys don't go flying when the driver takes a turn. These guys try to convonve you to use their bus instead of the one next to them! :roll: Then when you get on, everyone on the bus smiles and says hello, that's so sweet. The driver usually has a radio on at full volume, a mini church altar on his dashboard, and of course, if he doesn't beep his horn at least 20 times between stops, then you know there's something wrong. Finally, I'm sure the driver and assistant must have bets as to whether or not they can re-arrange the seating of the passengers by racing over the speed-humps as fast as possible! :wink:


Not forgetting that a bus ride is an opportunity for some shopping, you'l never be short on things like gum and phone cards! :wink:

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Post by SAK ` »

There is a bus service around my town (Macon, GA), but I don't use it. The best bus (and definitely the train) service I used is MARTA in Atlanta, GA. They believe it is ideal for shuttling passengers heading to whatever stadium/arena they want to go to.
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Post by Alexander the Great »

Here in Kansas City (BTW, Kansas City, believe it or not, is in MISSOURI, I'm sick of people telling me I'm from Kansas) we have horible mass transit. Everything is extremely spread out in the KC metro area and it makes it almost impossible for a mass transit with busses. Heres a good quote I got from wrote: A couple years ago, the Kansas City Star published an excellent series called “Divided We Sprawl,” analyzing the development of our metropolitan area in the post war era. The local powers-that-be took this national trend and pushed it to the extreme. We have more freeway miles per capita than any other city in the world and the construction industry thinks we should have a lot more.

Basicly what it says is that we have the most highway miles per person out of any city (probably metropolitan area) in the world. The only real places the busses run are in the poorer neighborhoods close to downtown.[/quote]

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Post by godam64 »

my country is one of the worst transportation service.
the bus are disgusting, but you can pay a quarter for a inner city ride.
my country only have better transportation in big cities only :?
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