What Messenger Do You Use?

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What Messenger Do You Use?

Post by crazyasses.tk »

Hello people, tell us what IM you use. I use MSN, its got all of the features I like. Ive tried others, but they dont suit my "needs" lol.
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Post by starfoxtj »

I only use yahoo because it always feels like the other IM apps "take over" your computer (continually add items to the system tray or startup (I have had msn add itself back after I set the startup option to no).

Yahoo just seems quick, easy and clean (my only complaint is I need to extract the ym installer from the main download file otherwise it installs the stupid toolbar. But its similar with most other im apps).
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Post by Yawner »

I am a trillian user.. i recently switched over from regular MSN.. i dont know many people on the other networks (YIM, AOL, ICQ) but i use it primarily as an IRC Client because unlike ChatZilla (my previous client) it can be neatly stored away in the system tray and not take up valueable space on the taskbar..

On my linux box im a gaim user though...

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Post by Swizec »

I use the ones I need, MSN, AIM and Jabber, had YIM but not enough people were using it, it's kinda annoying too, it's icon is weird :P

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Post by cric-f1 »

msn all the way
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Post by rick` »

MSN and mIRC

I had xChat a long time ago but have since lost the install and can't seem to get an up to date win32 install :(

I tried Trillian and didn't like it much. And I don't like having too many things reliant on one application.

Rapid Dr3am
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Post by Rapid Dr3am »

I had Trillian but I hated it, I have Trillian Pro with loads of plugins to do things, yet it just didn't look nice. I hated that it would not really show the difference between the services it offered.
It also used to pop-up when I was typing somewhere else and I'd send the wrong text to the wrong person (Don't you just hate that?).

I tried Y! and it's alright but I didn't like the way it signs in. MSN Messenger is teh evil if you ask me. It's full of people who tipe liek dis and I can't understand them. GTalk looked like it had potential it was light and easy to use with great VOIP support, but who uses it?

Skype is good though, I like Skype I have a VOIP handset for it, but I recently added bluetooth support for it, and not I can talk wirelessly and at 1.2p a minute to almost any country in the World I can't argue.

I tried ICQ but it's so complicated, I mean how big are those numbers? I can't be bothered to try and rember one. Jabber? I thought Jabber was the protocol and not a specific messenger program, but I may be mistaken.

AIM is even worse that MSN from what I can tell the only people who use it properly are AOL users and that should be reason enough not to install it, but I have once used it and it seems you can register an AOL account that only works for AIM and can't use it for anything (a thing I like with the MS .NET Passport is that you can use one login for everything).

I have ChatZilla aswell for IRC channels, but as I don't use IRC if I can avoid it because it tends to be full of weirdos.

So installed now I have GTalk, MSN Messenger, Skype and ChatZilla.

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Post by A.I. BOT »

I use Adium, MSN, AIM and YIM I be using with it.

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Post by Natan »

Using Gaim, I use mostly AIM, but on occassion Y! as well.
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Post by DeViAnThans3 »

I use 99.9% of my IM time for MSN, cuz it works fine with me, and most of my friends have MSN.
The other 0.1% i use Google talk or ICQ :P
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Post by Extra »

Most of my IM on MSN .. but I use YIM for short times

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Post by Drunky »

I use Trillian, AIM, and IRC. I would probably use Trillian for IRC but it doesn't do what I need it to do. BTW what do you mean IRC is full of weirdos?

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Post by XeRo^ »

I have: AIM, MSN, and Yahoo.

The only one I really use is MSN, I just prefer it more than the others.

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Post by waffles »

The thing about chosing a messanger is that you can't pick it just because you like it the best. You also have to consider what people are using that you'd want to communicate with.

AIM seems to be a safe bet when you consider the amount of people who use it. Chances are that who you want will already have it.

MSN comes already on most computers so you'd think that more people would use it. I like it better, but that means almost nothing since it seems that most people [including almost everyone that I've come in contact with] uses AIM. My friends and I tried it because 2 of us in the group had parents who would freak out if AIM was on the computer. It still never really caught on with us.

I've never been in a place where Yahoo's messanger was very popular. Mostly for that reason I've never tried it. But if people aren't on it, why bother? It'll be the same way for Google's. Unless they [or anyone else making a new messanger service like this] comes up with a really good reason for people to switch then it'll never be that sucessful.

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Post by alcaeus »

I mostly use ICQ, I used to use AIM but got sick of it. Then I also use MSN (video conversation is simply awesome), and also Skype as my general phone (don't like to move away from the computer for anything :lol:)

There was a time when I had Y!, but only because MSN didn't work anymore, and I needed a messenger which was capable of handling webcams. At the time Y! was the only one that could do that, but as soon as I re-installed MSN it went off my hard-drive.


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