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STevie Ray
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Because we are soveriegn

Post by STevie Ray »

I started out forum Marketing Strategy Canada Forum because Canada is a large place with marketing people too far from each other to share ideas and opinions cost effectively.

We added a knowledge base and a resource directory to make it more attractive for those who wish to publish articles about marketing or self promote themselves to the marketing community in Canada.

In two months we have signed on about 80 verified users, so it looks like it will go. We plan a fall campaign to get students involved, as the membership is dominated by professors and professionals today.

If you are from Canada and interested in Marketing come and join us !!
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Post by asterixjm »

I wanted somewhere to discuss the risk management, both the academic and practical sides of the subject. It might sound boring but is something I'm interested in and since there wasnt anywhere with an active community already, I started my own :)
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Post by NightLinks »

I opened my own forum because the forum that I use to frequent the mods started locking threads and deleting post. :(
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Post by AnaB »

I started my forum to communicate my ideas and I guess to meet new likeminded people and well just to start a sharing place
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Post by FFIndonesia »

I started my forum 3 years ago... Just like my son ^^ But from it, I can meet lot of people in real worlds of course
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Post by HarryPeters »

I opened mine because I want to be "THE" wrestling forum on the net. Not going all that well with only 21 members, but owell all I can do is wait.
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Post by Gowmars »

I was a member of an anime forum along with a few other friends. No one liked the staff or the way they were running their forum(unfair treatment, playing favorites, bannin people for no good reason other than they didnt like the person personally, etc.) so we broke off and formed our own Anime & Gaming forum. We are up to 61 member Id say not bad for only being up almost 3 months and a lot of people from the other forum joined ours.
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Post by squid808 »

I started mine as a way for people to leave feedback on my webcomic. So far 98% of the people signing up are my friends whom I personally know (not including the spambots, they seem to really like it), and only about 3 of us actually post.

Ok, so only I post.

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Post by danharibo »

i set up forums cos i have nothing better to do :D
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Post by wutomee »

Nice to have a forum, many friends :D
John Smith
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Post by John Smith »

I made a rpg hp one because one of my friends one died, just went one day they remade it, that died, while that was gone I went to other phpbb RPG sites and made friends. i'm hoping to get them, some of them off the new ones and off the new GH would be fantastic if I get more members. :D
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Post by KevC »

I was a member of a forum and the owner/admin went AWOL. We found out the domain was going to expire too so I bought a new domain, told everyone on the forum and started a fresh. That was 2 years ago with 120 members. I've recently passed 1000 and the forum is doing very nicely.
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Post by janrocks »

Well.. long story short. I was promoted to site admin of some forums I was a member of. I decided that it was a good idea to have some of my own to learn on instead of risking a mistake with a live world renowned forum. Plus the php needs updating and I wanted to learn about that so I can convince the site owner to do something about it. :D
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Post by ziddy1232 »

I opened my GD is not to be used for spamming forum, we are still recruiting mods and normal users - please join[/url], because i say an opatunity and i toke it...

Let me explain.

The hosting service i use is very good but nobody had created a forum where users request topics and they are added, with no real name or set topic for the whole forum.

It had 8 members in first 24hrs, but we need more, and one more today!
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Post by Alex.k- »

i opened my forum Spam removed by Jim_UK by an ask of Id software and E+ and some more of quake 3, as a honarable member of Id software i opened the forum and started it, my trafic like you could gais is very low, but only 11 people for a few months., also if you can pm me in ideas how could i make the trafic bigger?
THe forujm is made as Footbll news, gaming news, previews, cheats (all), and many online game links and so on, the forum has an attached site, or should i say the site has an attached forum Yet some more and thats it.
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