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Post by poyntesm »

drathbun wrote: I was a member of a mailing list (listserv) that was being retired. There were over 3,000 members on the list. I assumed that if I built a forum as a replacement, they would come. (Think Kevin Costner for a moment... :lol:)

Snap..my main site was created to replace a older forum and mailing list. In one year we are approaching 4500 members and are just about to hit 220,000 articles.

My second (newer) site is to support one of my MODs that is now fairly popular.

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Spif Kewl
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Post by Spif Kewl »

I like feeling like God, controlling everyone's cyber fate. I also got ticked off at the Mod's in the forum I was in and commited forum-suicide and got b7.
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Post by jarhead0321 »

My Wife actually started a support group during my first tour in Iraq and she noticed that there was not a overall encompassing spot she could go for all her questions and for just an ear to talk to when things got rough.
So during my 2nd tour in Iraq she started out with a pay to use board service but after some issues with the company and the loss of her 1.5 year plus collection of info and posts. ( the provider didnt offer backups) She had me switch to something that a jarhead could figure out.

I have sense started to learn more and more about PHP and just trying to throw together a website.

her forums have about 100 users now. the old board just disappearing as it did probably hurt us but we are starting to make a comeback.
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Post by moon2fire »

sick of not having easy access (forum backup) to it
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Post by Erick_G »

And also to get tru feed back from the fans of our site and the fans of this wild sport that we do
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Post by lisa1977 »

The company I am an affiliate of did and still does not have an official forum. Hence I created mine.

Built around exchanging promotion ideas and building a bigger business.

78 registered users later and going strong!

Lisa :D
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very good!

Post by rapghsi »

some one else? :lol:
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Post by gretchenland.com »

I opened my forum as means to focus street teams & as a way to promote the band by bringing people back to our site >> All as a means of getting the word out.
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thats nice, you ahve more then one forum?

Post by rapghsi »

thats nice, you ahve more then one forum?
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Post by dojo.ro »

I started my Romanian Karate forums 4 years ago. I had a site about Karate Shotokan and I felt a forum would be nice. After 3 years of trying to find my way on phpBB, I deleted it and started fresh 5 months ago on IPB (hate it by the way :lol: )

In december 2004 I started a webmaster article site. I have a very personal way to express myself, so I wanted to make my opinate ideas about development known to the world. I installed phpNuke and in 2-3 weeks I started my webmaster forums there. I was on a free host, on a subdomain.

After 3 months I realised Nuke modules are a bit buggy (the forums one especially) so thought about changing the forums to phpBB standalone. After 10 hours of database work I was able to switch to phpBB with my 120 users and 3000 posts intact.

In some montsh it occured to me that I need a serious site for this. I bought a domain name and made the big move to a "proper" home. Am still using the script (phpBB), heavily modded and with a theme I already modified 3 times. People can recognize it only by the forum buttons, but I'm afraid I might change them too :D

Working on that forum really helped me hone my phpBB skills. I keep the community since I love the good info people echange there and it's a good project after all.

But, little by little I wanted more. In few months i got myself another domain name and placed a martial arts forums for the international users too. Afterwards I started a music forum, since I love music and love to talk about it. Since I am a woman with many ideas I thought a community for women would be great too. My latest achievement is a movies related forum.

Although they are all small, I just enjoy working on them. With little exeptions I have some awesome members, so I really love reading they posts and laughing at their jokes. Will I stop? Perhaps not. Even if so far this has cost me money and a lot of time (we're talking already about few thousands hours) I still enjoy every minute of it ...
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Post by Truestar »

Nice to see a familiar face around here dojo. 8)

Anyway I wanted to discuss the things I loved in my life. Which is why my site still runs. I think being able to discuss with people around the world, about my interests and hobbies is very cool.

It started with Star Trek. I loved star trek, and have since sadly grown from it. And for some reason that board is still up. :roll: There's only three active members, including me, and I am not very active with start trek anymore so why? Because I would get countless e-mails asking what happened, and why it happend. >_<

Then came my Warriors forum. That one is still my precious. Warriors is a book series by the author Erin Hunter. I love her books, and seeing as 2 out of every 3 boards based on warriors is Proboards, I had to create a phpbb warriors board, and one that actually was cool. :P

Then came my Social Studies board, which I haven't released yet seeing as after one full year, I still haven't figured out the errors. (I am working on it though, and got the major one solved). Truth is: I'm a nerd. A huge one. Probably not the biggest one on Earth, but definitely up there. Social Studies, and History are my passion in life. And as soon as I'm done accumulating those Pharmacist paychecks, I plan on becoming a Social Studies teacher. :)

Leading into my latest project, and most successful (MOD wise), my cultures forum. I'm getting very close to the release date of this forum, however I don't feel ready. Something's missing to make it unique, and I've yet to find it. :( But it shall be released oh say, March at the absolute lastest.

So yeah, that's why I started my boards. :)
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Post by pentapenguin »

I originally opened my forum as a place to freely get (and give) Gmail invitations (back when Gmail was all the rage and everyone wanted it).
But as I used phpBB more and more, I really developed a love for it so my forums expanded again as I made many phpBB MODs available for download.
Since I'm also a huge Firefox fan, I use my forums as a way to get others to make the switch to the world's best browser and to help them along with tips and tutorials. :)
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Post by niksa »

I tend to make webpages for groups that I'm involved in. So the first CMS type page was php-nuke for a game group (a dungeons & dragons PC game community), and I loved it. Actually, I loved the bb2nuke forum. And I realized... you know, there was a lot more cool stuff to do with that forum if I didn't use it with nuke. So I dropped nuke and went with vanilla phpbb after using nuke for a year or so (hence my signature), starting with probably version 2.0.3.

Then after that, I made forums for the various fantasy & gaming groups I'm a member of, for my university roleplaying group, for my university geology and honors societies, and as a service to several sites that I wanted to help (such as a sci-fi network and some small gaming and education sites)... I tend to make a new forum every couple months for various reasons ranging from not modded to heavily modded.

But when you get right down to it... I make my forums because I actually enjoy coding and organizing a forum. It's actually pretty relaxing, fun and definitely challenging. :lol: :wink: So, bottom line? I'm just a geek. :mrgreen:
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Post by ScuL »

I made my forum cause I was fed up that all other forums for this style of music were excluslively in Dutch therefor excluding a potentially large group of foreigners interested in this particular music. The only competiting forum resembled a banana republic more than a democratic forum so that was pretty much the main point of creating my own.
And it seems to be succesful :)
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Post by Dustin07 »

I haven't actually got a forum yet, but I've been thinking about 2.

First a dog forum I thought we be cool for my dog site.

But the 2nd thing I was thinking about, was a forum dedicated to computer cables to help customers out pre and post purchase. Kind of a customer service forum.
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