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Post by hider »

I had belonged to a phpBB forum and well the members got rude and just nasty with me and some others so i decided to look into getting my own board! I did and i love it! we now have a place where we can chat about anything and not worried about anything... thankyou!
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Post by Sak »

I opened The DigitalSalvation forum mainly because I wanted to share some of my programming works, and I wanted others to be able to share theirs. The forum was only started two days ago, I think three members in two days isn't bad if you ask :p. I also wanted to share some tutorials I had made before and get feedback. And then I also just wanted a place to chat, but that doesn't count, because I could do that anywhere. ;)
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Post by SAK ` »

I continue to run a test board (link in the sig) because I am still trying to find the money to get a good domain or two to register and host. But overall, it's because I have developed several board skins while I pick the ones I know would be the best ones I have done so far. There has been skin projects of mine that was either unfinished, abandoned, or didn't turn out right. But that is one example of the use of your imagination placed to the ultimate test when you develop a good skin for your website or anyone else's. 8) :wink:

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I opened it ...because

Post by Twillingate.info »

I opened my forum for the beneifet of my town, Twillingate. :)
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Post by entengo »

[img]<a href="http://graphics.freeweblayouts.net" target="_blank"><img src="http://jpeg.freeweblayouts.net/glitter/ ... mated1.gif" title="thanks for the add friendster glitter graphics" border="0"></a>[/img]
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Name: Elias

Post by Elias »

I opened my The "Savoir Vivre" Forum for people to come and talk about many subject. Like sports,book..etc..Everything has its own place.
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Post by Anon »

entengo wrote:
tektitev wrote:I started my forums so people on the net can talk with each other about video games on a clean forum.

Visit Video Game Talk: spam removed by primedomain
Url please?

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Post by MacPokerOnline »

I got a forum for business. But I also enjoy inteligent conversations with the other poker players who post their questions there. We are always talking about poker strategy and the new places to play poker for mac. I really enjoy it!
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Post by SAK ` »

I'm not really too much of a gambler. I can be lucky at times, but here, I'm broke. I don't care if gambling is free, bump bodog.net... :roll:

If I want to play cards, I'd rather fire up my Mac emulator (PearPC) head over to Delta Tao, and play Eric's Ultimate Solitaire.
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Post by hillrunr »

The story of the creation of my forum actually involves two other websites.

The first website used to have a forum specifically for people like myself (competitive runners), along with other categories for beginners, health oriented runners, etc. In 1998, they canned the forum for competitive runners and that segment of visitors didn't feel comfortable in the other forums at that site. At the time, someone else (thankfully, as I didn't have the resources at the time) stepped up to start a forum replacing the missing one. In 1999, his site risked going offline, so I offered my site as a home to the forum. As it turned out, his site did no go offline and I believe is still running today. However, once the forum software was installed, I figured there was no use in taking it offline so I started my own forum in the interest of sharing knowledge, letting visitors help each other out, and sharing camaraderie. Website related goals involved getting more repeat traffic and a base of loyal visitors.

I think all my goals were accomplished. I wouldn't call my site a high traffic site but I think it's respectable and it pulls in a lot more people than it did before I had any forums. Most importantly, there is a great base of regular visitors who are all online (and some offline) friends and offer good advice when a new person stops by with a question.
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Post by FreethinkerX »

forum dedicated to DigitalArt/Pixelz/Graphix/Dolling/Friendships

~ In Loving Memory of Brittany Marie ~

Why would they dedicate a board/forum to Brittany? Well,
Brittany was StarsMoon's neice and just 9 years old when she
passed away Christmas Eve several years ago.
Brittany loved dolling and spent many hours of fun, her
Auntie Stars has carried on in her honor to doll.
Brittany would have really loved it here and what better
way to hold her close.

StarsMoon and myself wanted to make a forum forever, we
thought it was just a dream.

But then I had the opportunity to get a server, so I did. It took
months of learning and coding to get the server up and running
correctly. I just about pulled out all my hair! But just know that in
the end hard work really does pay off and is so well worth all the
hard work. One thing I came to realize is:

I/WE are NOT QUITTERS ! We kept on trying different things
and it all came together.

We worked really hard to bring this forum to be and we couldn't
be PROUDER to share it with all of you.

We hope you all will enjoy your time spent here and we all get to
know each other and learn different techniques to make our
creations better and unique. To make certain contests more exciting
and invoke more participation some contests will be offering
"free webspace" and other exciting prizes.

Please follow net ettiquette here. We don't want to offend anyone
or make anyone feel bad, so please treat others as you would want
them to treat you. If anyone has a beef with someone else, please
bring it to me or Stars attention and that person will be dealt with,
trust me.

^ there ya go...our opening page.....lol.... 8)
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Post by Giliad »

My reasons were rather practical. About 1,5 years ago my girlfriend started an Amnesty International local group in Finland, since there wasn't one near where we live. Naturally I helped as best I could, especially in IT related things. It became quite apparent from the beginning that techniques like email and mailing lists are very unefficient ways to communicate and plan events etc. So, I googled around a bit and ran into phpBB.

My forum is used by a very small and closed group (25 users, 319 posts today) and mostly to plan things or exchange information on coming events related to Amnesty International. I must say, that the forum has truly been a huge advantage in all activities we have planned and executed :)
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Post by Firesong »

So my LARP group could discuss and plan for upcoming events (we're spread all over the country).

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Post by Govnor »

I just wanted one that had everything I wanted, I never even told anyone about it, and people are just joining (although in small numbers).

Now I'm developing the site to include more fun stuff for musicians, its become an addiction! :lol:
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Post by mandalaia »

I created a forum to bring a gaming community together. We've been open for a little over a month and have 238 members so far and are growing fast!
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