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Post by jwxie »

well, I got one too, but I feel it's not stable (of couse... that's only beta)

Mine log in take a time!!!!!!!!
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Post by f1review »

yo ppl, if someone feels like it, send me an invite to

Thanx :D
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Post by Thatbitextra »

I tried WLM, thought it looked awful, couldn't see any new features, found it put a 8GB (!) sparse file on my hard drive (real size 1MB) and promptly reinstalled 7.5. Very disappointing.
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Post by Leingangzj »

alotta the features i can't try out, because my family and friends are not caught on, there just hopin on the myspace wagon, i personally can't stand the cosmetics, the color schemes are just nasty, i like the current version, i just wish i could change the color on the buddy list like i can with the chat windows, or better yet, if it used my xp i don't have a dark xp theme, and a light blue chat window.... and this whole open dir thing they got going in the new version, i see alotta security flaws opening up there, where u can just let people d/l from a assigned directory, how long before that back fires??? but i guess we will see..
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thank you!!!

Post by rapghsi »

thank you!!!
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