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i think it's good that google is expanding their featureset. yahoo and msn are still above google in terms of popularity in general, simply because people keep on coming back to them because of their useful day to day functionality.
yahoo has mail, games, groups and a lot of other features.
when talking about a search engine, of course google is the creme of the crop, but expanding its features is definitely going to make it grow.
its kinda scary that they're increasingly moving into a lot of aspects of our lives, but i think they are doing all this mostly to improve user experience (besides making money).

btw, i love the weather forecast on google calender.
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I like my Yahoo calendar ... will stick with that ... however ...

I have a DayTimer ... I like to write my schedule, and I like to physically cross off tah-do's and see that I've accomplished things ...

I use the Yahoo calendar for reminders and reoccurring events ... love to get the reminder e-mails, like - "Mom's birthday is in two weeks" - "Mom's birthday is in one week" ... forgetting a mom's birthday because you're busy could lead to a whining of, "Thaaaaaaat's ... o ... kay ... I understand you're too busy to remember birthdays......." 8O

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