Happy season greetings

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Happy season greetings

Post by carloclaessen »

From all of the team and members of phpbb.nl we wish every one here merry christmas and a happy newyear.


Grtz Carlo
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Post by webhosting.uk.com »

Merry Christmas! :D
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Post by Ryan_W »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!
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Post by Janmarques »

I see myself as a part of phpBB.nl, so I'd like to wish you all happy christms to :)
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Post by White_and_Red »

Merry Chrismas!
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Post by vtsoxluvr »

finally the christmas theme i was thinking we would not see it this year

oh and happy chrismahannaquanzica
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Post by who_cares »

vtsoxluvr wrote: finally the christmas theme i was thinking we would not see it this year

I thought there were icons to go with it?
meh, looks snowy

Merry Christmas everyone
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Post by xdarkday »

Happy Holidays everyone! I would just like to say its been another good year here at the forums. Much thanks to the support teams, and others that have helped a long the way. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more information about the bbProtection, phpBB podcast, and of course releases of phpbb3.
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Post by UniquelyFallon »

I'm kinda new here but thought I would wish everyone happy holidays! Be safe and have tons of fun.. and I hope you all get what you wished for. Have a great new year, do something so you remember and are greatful for the past year and may the coming year be AWESOME for you as well!
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Post by Liquinn »

To the PHPBB Staff who work here.

Have a nice holiday, Xmas and have a nice new year.

You deserve it!
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Post by SAK ` »

Merry Christmas now and a happy 2007 later - from the underground skin developer who will bring the new aero skin project in February. Of course, myself. 8)

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Post by sonyboy »

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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Post by OriginXT »

Oh screw political correctness!

Happy Christmas, y'all! (merge of Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas)
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Post by bruxy »

happy holidays everyone!

and to all who celebrate the return of the sun...

good yule and happy solstice! :D
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Post by nepsydaz »

Merry christmas and Happy New Year all the way from Nepal.
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