To SEO or not to SEO

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by webmastermarty »

Of course SEO is good and will help your search engine ranks. I thought Search Engine Optimization would have given that away lol. Do as much SEO as you can, and don't stop, it can only help you.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by Tripp »

Like previously said...SEO isn't THAT important these days.
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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by LANFS »

Google is doing his job alone, there's no need for seo. I was having Google indexing me even before I've launched my forum and subscrive it to Google. :lol:

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by Tom@S »

SEo is not about make your site index in google, SEO is about higher SERP level.Search engines are sofisticated but you can help them and you site will be better on it and you can make more money if you will higher in search result on some keywords

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by jaunty_mellifluous »

You'll only spend time on SEO if your site isn't getting high ranking. Including me. lol
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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by visionquest99 »

Interesting thread. I like Resonate's advice. There's no quick fix. A solid seo strategy involves all those things.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by Rotsblok »

Im sorry but i do not believe in SEO or any kind of sarch engine opt.... and yes i probs be a single soul on this one.. (or at least we are not with many)
I do not think anything will help you get beter on the index of a search engine. Page rank is just a number to me and i do not care about it along with all the other "how good is your site"numbers. Yes i do believe that unique information will help but he thats why its unique. If someone else has it how unique is it then?

There are many reasons for it why i do not believe it. One thing is that search sites will anyhow index my site, no matter what i do (exept the common robots.txt but even that will just slow them down) so why even bother to make it better. Yes of course reveneu is nice.. But is that the main reason to place loads of junk (information that doesnt fit into the sites description?) on it like links to I believe not Even links to sites with the same topic is in my eyes stupid as you need to compete then against similar sites. "Yes but my page rank goes up then" what is page rank its just a number invented by some co-op. If i (with my companie) invent some number on how well you can get along with your users does it have any usefullness. No that is the same with all those numbers. My page rank can be 1 and im on top of all the search engines and you have over a million links to sites, It wont mean anything if everybody leaves in just over a minute.

That is the main reason why SEO is just in my opinion an airbubble that will burst eventually
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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by bjer »

I second Resonate's advice. SEO makes a big difference on where you rank and what you result lists you are in. Just be sure to follow Google's rules or they'll drop you completely. Some sites disappear and it takes a lot of time and work to get them listed again, even if the site trades hands.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by Jim_UK »

Rotsblok wrote:Im sorry but i do not believe in SEO or any kind of sarch engine opt.... and yes i probs be a single soul on this one.. (or at least we are not with many)
No you are not alone. I would not worry about adding anything to my site to help Google or any other search engine. They are quite efficient and will do the job without my interference.

Google visits my site daily and indexes 100% of content each time - could it do more.
My site is aimed at a specific sector of users and a search of keywords gets them to my site - it may not rank at No 1 but am I worried? Certainly not.

What keeps my users coming back is the quality of the content and it being a friendly community.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by god0fgod »

Well as long as you have lot's of quality content you don't need to worry much (I'd still use some decent keywords though). Quality and content is what gets websites ranked high.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by barmajan »

I think friendly URLs is important to have a good rank in search engines .
like wikipedia for example have a good friendly URLs and have a good position in google search .

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by mdvaldosta »

It doesn't take keyword-urls-like-this.html to rank well, it simply takes making sure your website is formatted in a way that makes sense, not only to users but to search engines. The most important things you can do for your PhpBB install is...
  1. Use good page titles. This includes removing things like "View Topic", use just the thread/forum name and (if you must) the site title. I prefer using the site's title only on the homepage and, sometimes, categories/forums.
  2. Heading tags, the H1 preferably matching the page title. H2 is ok also if you use H1 for site title. PhpBB3 templates already do this.
  3. Canonicalization. This includes www or non-www, index.php or just /, etc. And, in the case of a database driven website like phpBB, only having one url to access a webpage. Play it off if you want, while other sites that take great care that there is only one url to access a web page outrank you in searches.
Those, really, are the most important aspects of having a crawlable site so that search engines know exactly what your web page is about so they can appropriately rank it in their searches. Obviously there are many otehr off-page factors (like backlinks) and on-page things you can do but that's the big stuff everyone should be aware of.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by millipede »

Being VERY new to all of this, it is a little confusing to read different opinions from what seem likely to be ALL pretty educated people on the subject. I've read through a few of these topics about SEO and such. I've been wondering for a while how people will find my forum. I have a good handful or so Search engines already indexing my page regularly, so that's not a concern at all. What I was trying to figure out one day is; what keywords will people be able to type in and find my forum. I mentioned this to my dad and he suggested meta tags AND descriptions. Then, while browsing topics here I have read some people say that they are useless, or don't really help anymore these days.

At any rate, will the search engines indexing the site alone be enough for people to find it using words that have been used on the site?
I don't want to run around doing a whole bunch of things that aren't going to change anything for me... but I do want to do things if they will actually help me get new members. I've been up for less than two months now so my expectations aren't all that high. But so far the only members I have are people I invited/talked into joining
I can't wait for the day when someone signs up that randomly stumbled upon it through google and not just a site where I've got links, which I do. I have other sites linking to mine.
I'm patient... I'll get there some day. But I want to do what I can that will work and not just sit and wait.

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Re: To SEO or not to SEO

Post by Flutterbug »

This is just a general response after reading all posts in this thread:

My forum is going on two years old. For the first year and a half, I had literally no content and no users to create content. I was busy. However, since I do have an SEO background, I did optimize the forum in all the right places so that when people were searching for "debate forums", and other keywords/phrases, my website would be the first on Google and other search engines. It is possible to optimize a forum without content. Having content, however, is better for optimization purposes if you want to target people searching for specific topics and areas of interest. Also, every website, even professionally, that I optimize reaches page one of all major search engines without link building, no matter how old the domain is. Ugh, page rank is a myth that I wish would just fade into the night!

Once you know how to organically SEO websites, and have tested your methods numerous times (and have maintained your SERP results for a year and longer), it is surprising to hear others say how difficult it is to SEO a website. Organic SEO is not a myth, but because so many people obsess over what they can do to boost their sites to the top, myths are created involving too much junk that just simply isn't needed.

When I first started out, I had to remind myself, from my own SEO testing, that moderation is key. Keep it simple, clear, and to the point. I see so many websites whose owners clearly tried too hard to SEO them, and all they've done is create jumbled madness without a method -- and they inflict attention deficit disorder on their pages.

Have you ever tried to follow the conversation of a person afflicted with ADD? If their brains are going through rapid cycling, which junk websites appear as to the SE spiders, it's difficult to make heads or tails out of what's really meant to be said, seen and heard.

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