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[ABD] White ProSilver

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:48 pm
by MohamedAG
Style Name: White ProSilver
Author: MohamedAG

Style Description: A White prosilver with Google Fonts
Style Version: 1 I guess...

Requirements: You will need prosilver .. not having it is a no no

Features: Feature List.
  • White color that could embedded in other light color designs
  • Google Fonts gives it that edgy look
  • Super easy to change colors to your flavor only one small file to edit
  • Super easy to change font face to your flavor only one small file to edit

Demo URL:
Demo Username: no need it's a free world
Demo Password: not needed also

Style Download: ... 2&f=4&t=17

White ProSilver is basically a prosilver theme

1- That is white, 2-Uses Google Fonts

All Changes made are in the ("theme/applied_changes.css") you will only need to edit this file in the future no need to edit the core prosilver files.

All font changes made are in ("theme/google_fonts.css") if you need to change the fonts or add new ones do it here.. just copy and paste

Both Files are added to ("theme\stylesheet.css") which is the file in charge of grouping the css files.

Note: The ("theme/google_fonts.css") could be downloaded and used with ANY theme.

Re: [ABD] White ProSilver

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:33 pm
by Raul [ThE KuKa]
This topic has been marked as [ABD] - Abandoned as the style author has not been active recently. If the style author wishes to continue development, please PM anyone on the Styles Customisations Team to request this topic be unlocked.

Thank you,
The phpBB Styles Customisations Team