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Post by Shanana »

I agree.

PHPBB is BY FAR the best message board I've ever used. Some people talk about ezboard, but I don't like it at all.

Plus, the service here is much better. Quicker responses, best answers, etc.
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Post by abcde_ »

Thanks, phpBB is good and free!
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Post by brahm2 »

Got my board all set up without having to make a single help post (only registered to post a quick trick and also my thanks!), this site is a great resource and I'm also very glad that the search tool is available if you are unregistered.

Thanks for a great board!

Also thanks to the mod guys, some of the tweaks are really neat! :)
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Great Software

Post by Soul_Seeker »

Thank you for a great free forum!
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Post by ryan444123 »

sounds good to me
hey this is just me


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Post by DanTheTekMan »

I <3 phpBB

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Post by furiOs »

thanx ;)
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Post by -jm- »

many thanks to morpheus2matrix, ptirhiik-rpgnet.Fr and Graham for their quick support.
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phpbb rocks!

Post by »

I'm not sure that I've ever had such an easy time installing and configuring a piece of software - you guys are the greatest!
David V.
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Post by Daffy09 »

Thanks to all those who moderate and help with the php forum! I really do appreciate all the work that is done in it. I'm glad to see so much MOD installments php has to offer.
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Post by NarrowPathPilgrim »

Great Job!
I have tried IPB and SMF and have to say that I will stick with PHPBB :D
Great Job!
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Post by twister17e »

Thank you to everybody @ phpBB for the way they handled the howdark to the current situation. Hopefully, you guys can get some sleep soon :oops: .
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Post by dbdummy »

I am so proud of the phpbb team! YOU ROCK. It is nice to see you back! Sorry about the issue w/the awstats thingy... Glad to see you up and running...and even better, I loved watching the way the new phpbb works.

Life long PHPBB user!
Barbara :P
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Post by Thallium »

Great to see the board back! You guys really do rock, you got things running again, and perhapes as importantly, kept us updated during the process. Thank you for the great efforts for this community! :lol:

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Post by freeBB »

Keep up the good work, guys.

Thank you.
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