Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Post by mscantbwrong »

I just want to say thank you to Jim (Jim_UK) and Robert (Lumpy Burgertushie) for helping me get my forums straightened out today. So patient and helpful. I managed to mess things up good and they helped me get back up and running. I know that at least 22 teenage girls are grateful as well. haha

Also... Kudos to the dev team for the really great job with debugging. Installing and debugging phpBB was a breeze compared to the nightmare I went through with WordPress and Pictorialis. *shudder*

Well... WP wasn't *too* bad... but Pictorialis... well... that was enough to make me take an 18 month break from PHP.
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Post by sanejane »

Hi all,
after staying a while in the forum i thought it'll be nice to thank to everyone,
for phpBB team for making this awesome platform available for free,
and for the homeboys in the support forums for the promot advice and help.

thanks a bontch to u all,
you guys rock.
keep up the good work :)

Lord Alameda
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Post by Lord Alameda »

I can't believe how fast you guys help us noobs, let alone how fast you figure out the issues we present to you!

Thank You phpBB! :D

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Post by Kroffz »

Thank you that you coded the best forum software phpBB!

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Post by jmsmusic »

PHPBB & It's Moderators are truly amazing!

They have helped me and many other people through several problems.

PHPBB have created a great experiance for many people!

Thanks For Your Help!

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Name: Will Hough

Post by will_hough »

I want to thank the entire phpBB network. For all their hard work and dedication.

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Post by aluminum. »

thank you Jupix

and Erisar

and that other staff member...what was his name?
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Post by MR-GATES »

thank you
Hello im MR.Bill gates How can i help you?¿

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Post by xtreme.dsner »

thansk for the help on getting the white table removed

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Post by Lina »

ooo, good thread idea :)

I want to say "thank you" to Mark (sorry, I can't remember his username!) :oops: He has a Fred Flintstone avatar. Anyway, I couldn't believe how helpful and patient he was with me. I am so new at this (running a site) and I don't understand how most things work. He helped me figure out how to put a link to my homepage from the forum pages. I'm so happy now!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again Mark :)

And a thank you to phpBB!!! I love the software, and all the MODs and features and whatnot. And I love this forum! Everyone is helpful and responsive. It's refreshing.

That's all for now :)

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Post by MacForum »

phpBB truly is the best forum software.

Can't wait for version 3. As a matter of fact I couldn't wait, so I tested Dev 2.1. ;)
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Post by entengo »

yeah, it really rocks

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Post by Burbman »

Yea gotta love phpBB and to think it is still free.


The Atheist
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Post by The Atheist »

Well, just add another Kiwi to the list. Thanks very much - where the hell have you guys been all my life??

Cheers from NZ

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Post by kittykatt »

Thank you all :wink:
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