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Post by Phatooine »

Thank you for giving me the tools and the power to create one of the best Star Wars fan forums on the web!

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Post by Seven2 »

Thank you all Moderaters, Administrators, and Active Users!

I would specialy want to thank Invader
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Post by pang »

Thanks. :D
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Post by hellotoyou »

Thanks for forum, even though it meant I still haven't learnt php/sql even though having a book about them for a month

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Post by esommer »

-A fellow phpBB User

...and a former TechTV fan before it became G4TechTV. :(
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Post by Nippoo »

Well. This = Stunning forum. However, it lacks a little on the support side. My team and I are currently develping a few MODs for my forum (, check out the logos on the styles) and we're hoping to make some improvement to the forum. It's great software though, running on different database systems with incredible flexibility and operating speed.
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Post by below zero »

A massive thank you to everyone both directly and indirectly involved with the phpBB projects.

You all deserve, quite rightly, to earn the accolade of having produced the leading forum products on the web.

I will continue to recommend your products to as many people as possible.

Thanks !

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Post by TC »

just checking on this thread. little spam present, thankfully.

you're welcome to everyone who bothered to post here, from what little i do. :D

so.... eight billion pages of word association thread, twenty pages to thank the staff. heh. ;) :P :mrgreen:

carry on. ^_^
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Post by IamRoadRUNNER »

:D PhPBB is quite SWEET...
I see there are plans to add more features. Glad to see that coming.

:idea: Personally, I would like to see them offer a license purchase. Maybe if a litte revenue were produced it might benefit the PhPbb group. Maybe be able to add & make changes a little bit faster. It may also make it possible to increase the amout of options.

All in all, it is definately a GREAT product & the staff do a tremendously AWESOME job.
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Post by Eiler »

Its been great trying this out. I had some doubts about this bb-forum, but shame to that!!
Thanx so much for a perfect forum and a perfect help-community!!!

Check out our site with a working and slowly growing forum at
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Incredible Community

Post by Tia »

Because it's nice to hear...

Many thanks to all members (you know who you are) for their
patience and assistance in helping me work out the kinks of
installing and modifying my forum thus far!

The documentation within the package is very newbie-friendly,
I understood most and learned the rest in a short time period.
Good work!

phpBB is a wonderful product and the support I've found here
has been unbelievable. Kudos to ya'll for creating such a
pleasant environment in which to learn. I am looking forward
to the next lesson always. (working on the fun stuff now)

Given the "free" element here - I'm even more impressed!
I've paid good money for not even a fraction of the service.
If ever you develope a paid version of phpBB - I'm a
guaranteed customer!

Thanks again. :wink:
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DJ George le Nagelaux
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Post by DJ George le Nagelaux »

thx. phpBB rocks da house thank you verry much geeks :D
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Post by DaBest »

i always wanted to say a big thanks to all the phpbb team :)
thanks for all this great work :)
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Post by Kylecool »

phpbb is the rox0r!!!
VACATION UNTIL june 29TH or 30th. :)
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Post by ThaPimMaster »

Thanx, because of you guys i now have a GREAT working forum!
Thanx again!

And, keep it free!
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