Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Post by Caedmon »

Who says we haven *bzzzzt*

ERROR 1232231: Segmentation Fault. Core Dumping.

....Restarting phpBB Team Member AI - Version 23.3-MODERATOR....OK
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Post by Acorn »

lol :D
Getting braver all the time. :D

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Post by arabflex »

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post by liveinforum »

Earlier I was using proboards as my forum but then I came across a forum. I found its design very lucrative and found out that the site is using "phpbb". by then I didn't know what "phpbb" is all about :wink:

then i came across phpbb site and read and read and read all over and was stunned to know that it's for FREE! Voila! I downloaded phpbb version available then right at that time and uploaded it over a free hosting service provider and started forum...

It has been a great journey with phpbb and working with it for last one year. It's just awesome in other words.

I have no words to thank enough but have to say "Thank you all the developers of phpbb".. you all rock..

keep it up..

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Post by Tom »

Thanks to Jim_UK, Erisar, drathbun and all of the support team members for helping me out with my phpBB problems from day one for me on June 19, 2006, to today where I now know a lot about phpBB in many aspects.

Thanks to Erisar, cheif of the Styles Team for helping to put some of my favorite styles in the styles databse. And a special thanks to Jim_UK and drathbun because they have helped me with phpBB support questions more than once.

Thanks to all the phpBB staff! :D
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Post by The Bride »

I've posted here before and I'll probably be posting here for a long time. :D
To the people who have helped me out most recently:


Thanks a million! Ye're only brilliant!!! :D

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Post by h23jy0q3ynq »

I've never seen any topic in the general discussion :?

I want to thank The Bride ^ for that post ;)

and Robert aka. Lumpy Burgertushie 'cause he has saved my forum about more than half of my post count on here.

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Post by Mad_Comp »

I would like to thank everyone who wrote phpBB 2.0.21, and the following MODs: Birthday, Home Page Link, and Mod Ban Panel.


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thank you

Post by nirvanabehush »

Thank you so much.... great work..

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Post by esserdk »

the title sais it all so..

thank you thank you thank you!

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Post by arabflex »

tankkkkkkkkkkk you

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Post by skarabbit »

you know everyone involved in phpBB rocks!

my problem now is that my host is upgrading its mysql and i have to put up with some downtine:'(

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Post by danopia »

Caedmon wrote: ERROR 1232231: Segmentation Fault. Core Dumping.
Wow... you need to get some better people in that development room... I seriously was thinking about writing a bot to search new MOD Request topics and do a MOD search, and post the link if I approved...

Anyway, thank you for phpBB 2.0.12-2.0.21... I've had a forum running on my board the entire time... thanks to open-source, I've also had just the way I want it.

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Post by Phil »

Caedmon wrote: Who says we haven *bzzzzt*

ERROR 1232231: Segmentation Fault. Core Dumping.

....Restarting phpBB Team Member AI - Version 23.3-MODERATOR....OK

*Pokes Caedmon*
Looks like we segfaulted him. Someone, quick, get the padlock! :)
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Post by CopperTool »

I got the Padlock. Now someone needs to go get the Sticky Glue. 8)

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