Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Post by AndyOR »

Thanks to all the admins/mods and all the other members here who make this a great forum to be on
Need people who are good at using FTP for uploading MOD's
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Post by BigDog56 »

Thank you all so very much for the time you all have spent making a fabulous BB and Great Mods with support!
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Post by Dog Cow »

Thanks for all the work on Olympus. It's going to be killer when it goes gold!!
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Post by gutman »

Just the best. Very easy to config, beautiful base skin, well supported, lots of mods... the main reasons you should be using phpBB.

Thanks phpBB Team.
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Post by tompie29 »

It's been a while since I have done web-programming (used to do CGI-BIN in C & apache) but starting again with this forum is a big treat.

Thanks for the insight and the product.

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Post by adwors »

I just registered and this is my first post! I usually lurk through the boards getting help by you helping others, but I registered finally

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Post by ana4ever-vids »

Thank you!!!
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Post by G2G »

Thanks for pointing me this way. i really think this is a good project. you guys please keep it up. your reward is in HEAVEN. :lol:
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Post by mhmdkhamis »

i understanding :)
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Post by r4wMUnt34q »

Well, words cant express what I feel about phpbb Group and people around spending their free time working on making phpbb better and better. So ............ Image !
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Post by Birdonawire »

Just wanted to add...

A many thanks, and appreciation to all that make this forum run . This is another world THE - "world Wide Internet" , and we all have our outlets... to please our needs. I'm thankful for this site, and all that make it run..... giving us support for (OUR other needs.... (outlets) etc). I've received so much help, and understanding from this site...that I can't even explain. I'm just very grateful for finding ya's!!! Thanks again, for everything phpbb..... you guys ROCK BIG TIME!!! :- )

Edited to say...

God Bless....all of you!
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Post by hpimport »

Thank you, phpBB is the BEST!
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Post by argv1900 »

Have to agree with that !

+ great 24 hours free support
hpimport wrote: Thank you, phpBB is the BEST!
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Re: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Post by MasterHand »

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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