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Post by Brewjah »

yar 2.0 super furry™ rawx0rs my boxers.. well not entirely but it kinda gets things goin on :wink: :twisted: thnx dev team for keeping it open source.. thnx for releasing an easy forum to modify and change around.. alot easier than vB was or ever will be unless they adapt to a template system

spnx yew very much meester

btw welcome home/back hope yer feelin better TC
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Lord Shaithis
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Post by Lord Shaithis »

Well I am new to the whole PHP thing but I have to say for a forum that is this Powerful You guys are top notch Folks in my Ever so Humble Opinion
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Post by scotshin7 »

Thanks to the dev team, and I think Kanuck's said everything for me ;)

P.S. I'm back, after being gone for approximately a month, as you may have noticed...
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Post by tykeal »

As I can't think of anything else to add to what Kanuck said I shall add onl one more thing. Wibble! (good sounding word huh?) :) Thank you to the devs my life as a sys admin with phpBB has been a joy to work with and v2 even more so :)
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Post by digsy »

Thank you to the developers, community, whoever involved in making this wonderful forum better! :D
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Post by Rod »

It's all been said already so i have just one work.

Rod [aka Kinger]
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Post by webspiffy »


Yeah for phpBB! This is definitely the best BB on the web. Keep it open source!
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Post by primedomain »

well, it's really an amazing and wonderful piece of software! Thanks so much to everyone who has been involved (devs, mods, community, everyone)... and keep up the good work :D
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Post by chAos »

I think that it's getting to be a great compeditor with vb. unlike other boards, which i shall not name. and the best part of it is,
It's Free! :P
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Post by smai »

Thanks :cry: :lol:

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Great Job!

Post by phpwannabe »

Just wanted to say I really love the new site. The layout, the graphics...everything! Great job guys!
I own several web design firms and am not easily impressed, but this impressed me!
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Post by alexis »

Felicitaciones!, from Lima, Peru, i am proud for you guyz, you have made a great job, i love your forums and also feel happy because i participated a bit on the spanish translation.

Regards to everyone!
Alexis Bellido
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Post by nvida »

I very happy for this forum, have a more level of code and design of some forums that i see. :!:

Desde Mexico :D
Spanish Translation Contributor :D
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Post by Matte »

Tnx too!!!
It's the best Forum I've found!

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Stephen Gibson
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Post by Stephen Gibson »

Thanks to all those who worked on this message board. It is a great board and I am glad you made it availiable.

Stephen Gibson
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