Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Post by lakitu »

Thank you! unzip, upload, enter a couple values and off I went! Excellent!
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Post by skurtz »

was gonna post a 'thanks' but did a search and there were a few pages already there :P

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Post by Beep...Beep »

I thank the writers of the piece of software...

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Post by visor »

Beep...Beep wrote: Twaddle removed
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Post by [BFC]goingup »

This is by far the easiest set of scripts i have either seen or downloaded off the net

THANKS team phpBB

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Post by MidnightPyro »

Thanks! Even all the products that make you PAY aren't as good as phpBB! And guess what? phpBB is free, even the support which is great. :D

Thanks to all the developers who made such a great community and software available.
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Post by chipi »

just wanted to say thanks to all the devs, u did a great job.

phpBB 2 is amazing, and best of all, it's free.

u role! :P
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Post by MobileBadBoy »

Who's been playing with the thread subject? Was that done in the hack?
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Post by IronTek »

Yes, thank you!

I had been using ikonboard 2.1.9, and was working on switching to v. 3.0 when I learned of phpBB...iB3 is simply buggy and cumbersome.

phpbb is light, feature-rich, and great looking!

Best of all, it's programmed in php, one of my favorite languages, and MySQL, one of my favorite databases!

kudos to the developers for creating such a great product...I can't wait to see 2.2!!!
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Post by gatekeep2 »

I have to say I got phpBB when 1.4.4 was released and used it ever since.


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Post by TifaKat »

yay! I dunno y. but everyone seems happy. I did see something about free o.0 does that mean phpBB is going to cost money? o.0 skarie that would be, cauz I am cheep and couldn't pay.
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Post by chAos »

i doubt that they'll beign to charge for phpBB licences. I like helping where i can in open source projects. and this is an example of a very sucessfull one :D
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Post by TifaKat »

yes indeed..
o_0 in a long thing like this I almost forget what the post is about :). cept I never knew in the first place exactly...
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Post by kory »

Didn't know about this thread so I apologize to primedomain and other mods for posting elsewhere. :)

I continue to be more and more impressed with and thankful for phpBB2 everyday I work with it. I'm also very impressed and thankful for the excellent help and support y'all offer here in the forums.

Just wanted to say "thanks" for developing such an awesome application for the open-source community.

Y'all rock!

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Post by ShavedApe »

Thank you for this great forum what more can i say that hasnt already been said
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