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Daniel .S.
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Post by Daniel .S. »

Well I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone that created PHPBB, and who made it free!!!!!!!!

I sure hopes it keeps that way, if it does PHPBB will remain the best Forum system EVER!!! :mrgreen:

Regards, Daniel .S.
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Post by lightdarkness »

I would like to thanks DanielT.

He approved my mod (M2M checked it :)) and there was a slight problem (my fault), and I got a response in 30 seconds, and it was all fixed :)

andrew johnson
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Post by andrew johnson »

thanks to SHS for quick reply back
i praise the staff here do super work :D
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Post by 89decibeles »

THANK YOU phpbb!

Thanks to your wonderful work, my website became much more than that: it became a community. Our site and our discussion board has been up for a year now, and we've become the most popular community in our area; our name is known and respected, but we are best known for the discussion board, which has brought a lot of people together and definitely fueled the popularity of our site. All of this thanks to the great program you've developed and the hours of work you've put into making it what it is, plus the great support available on this website and this board. Our most sincere thanks.
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Post by JMSDOS »

More mentions:

Even though it's stable as it is, thanks for continuing to make new versions.

Thanks for the nice moderation here, soft, impersonal, yet firm. Low stress level.

Thanks SHS' for accepting my suggestion, it makes me feel smarter.

Also thanks for the Test Me sub-forum, I used it quite a bit, and learned some stuff. (I learned that topic title length is max 60 chars, that topic title does not support Unicode chars, and that post body does support unicode chars. I also learned that if you use a > at the end of a topic title, it changes to an ampersand. I also learned that emoticon names are case sensitive)

Also thanks for the Administration Panel, it is very ergonomic. I learned it very quickly. (I am the admin of one forum)

And thanks for various MODs, I went to some forums and they were fun to use.

As well, thanks for making styles easy to install, just copy the folder, then very quick install. Also, thanks for making it easy to add my own logo.
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thank you for all thank you for phpBB, simply the best 8)
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Post by wikinerd »


I just registered here and I would like to introduce myself.

I am building a website, and I was in the need for a flexible, easy to use and install, customisable forum engine, preferrably licensed under the GNU GPL and supported/maintained by an active community. I tested some bulletin board / forum software packages but some were hard to install, others had minimal or no supporting community, while others were not released under GNU GPL, which is my license of choice when I need to use some piece of software.

After I found phpBB my quest came to an end. I finally found exactly what I needed: A powerfull GPLed forum engine with lots of customisation options and a very active supporting community.

Please accept my congratulations for this great software!

NSC, Administrator
The Wikinerds Project
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Post by stickerboy »

Hi, just want to say bascially thanks for all the help and support I have recieved here. I've really learned quite a lot since I started using php and phpBB.
I started just wanting to add something extra to my website, and no I spend more time here than anywhere else. :wink:

I have been ok at html for a few years, as I've written my own sites from scratch, but using phpBB has shown me how to do a lot more and expanded my coding knowledge.

i'm hoping to write my own soon, which I though I could never do.
so again, thanks to all the mods, admins, mod authors, etc . . . :)
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Post by cjdmax »

Thank you for empowering me to do wacky stuff on the web without having to take out a loan to buy forum software that may or may not be what I was looking for :P

Open Source > *
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Post by Interon »

Thanks a lot for fervently working on phpBB 2.2 and for all the awesome features that I saw so far on A51. (I visited Area 51 for the first time today).
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Post by sleepy25 »

i just want to say thanks for your help too :D
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Post by dm3supplies »

Love the product!
Love the support!!
Love the price!!!
:D :D :D :D :D

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Post by calebrw »

dm3supplies wrote: Love the price!!!
Unless they payed us! :D
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Post by morningworld »

calebrw wrote:
dm3supplies wrote:Love the price!!!
Unless they payed us! :D


Thanks,man! 8)
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Post by Interon »

Thanks theFinn for making such a bold venture forward, it's no small thing for someone to bring a hobby to fruition like this, starting the project, and trying to get a group of people together to make your vision into a reality.
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