Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Post by Justin-X »

This has to be one of the few exceptions to the "You get what you pay for" cliche.

I've been on many forums, phpBB, Invision, and vBulletin, and possibly other brands. And I have failed to find the advantages of paying for a forum.

Thank you for keeping it free. I've been on about 20 phpBB forums and I find phpBB a shining example of free software.
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Post by Kioku-Shin »

phpBB = ownage.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this awesome forum software. And be sure to KEEP IT FREE!
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Post by unicornz »


u will see what u don't want to see
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Post by handry_bulex »

Thank you for your phpBB.
I really Appreciate it. That help me to manage my forum and content management system well.

Once again Thank you very much
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Post by zink »

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! :D :D :D

phpBB installed wonderfully (well, I had some trouble but it was my fault), and is some great software.

And thanks to Tachyon at the chromehost forums for helping me install it!
I say you he dead.
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Post by sonyboy »

I have been using PHPBB Forum since last year running on my computer for adding MODs, I use PHPBB a lot that I got used to it & I wouln't stop using it. Anyway, I sincerely thank you u guys for creating PHPBB Forum, and keep on the good work, guys. :D
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Post by xploited »

Thanks to everybody makinjg a effort here.
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Post by orbitant »

Thanks to the great community of phpbb ... for all the excellent help, advise, development and so on ....

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Post by Birdonawire »

Thanks for everything, everyone. Thanks to all the php for all you have giving us. Thanks to all the mod writers/creators.

All the support that is giving here is AWSOME!!!! THANKS TO are GREAT!
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Thank you, phpBB!!

Post by Quillz »

Thanks to the dev team for making phpBB. And thanks for making it open source. But most of all, thanks for keeping it free.

Keep up the good work :D
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Post by krystelle_D »

:roll: clap,clap,clap,, :wink:
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is this 36 pages of kiss-ass? just wondering cos i dont know if i wanna read all of them.
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Post by XFalloutX »

Thanks :D
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Post by Simon_Edwards »

Ive used phpbb for a good few years now, and i can surely say that this is the BEST bulletin board around hands down, others may have more features, but phpbb has style, good and fast features and easy to install hacks :). Thanks a bunch for your services phpBB!

p.s. I have also created my own website dedicated to phpBB its xxxxx , If i am not allowed Links then i am very sorry :(. (link removed by primedomain)

Thanks again phpBB and its staff ;)
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Thanks to all at phpBB

Post by TwoBob »

Just another thank-you to all at phpBB - it's an awesome product that takes very little time for a novice to install and operate. I'm looking forward to the next version (any ideas when it might be released?), but will be having lots of fun with the current version in the interim. Keep up the excellent work!

PS Think about publishing a phpBB Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Users - there has got to be a good market for it. Even though it is easy to use, and there is a wealth of information in the forum, a close-to-hand manual that set it all out with examples would be invaluable. See, it is such a great product that I'm now getting overly confident and want to move on and look under the hood!
Just my 2 cents / pence worth . . . Cheers, TwoBob
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