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Thanks phpBB Crew

Post by ace2ace »

My small Tennis community has moved to the new phpBB forum, from our old "paradise"... Everyone is happy and I am the happiest host...
Thanks for a great piece of software.. Thanks for the MODs and all your support.

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Post by dendens »

many thanks to ryanj (thats his msn usernam,e) for his patience! and techie mike and all the other support staff and the developers,. This is the death of ezboard lol!
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Post by Heidibc »

I really want to thank you all for making forum and mod installing so easy :)
I havent posted any question or anything but I have been searching these boards everytime I had a problem and I have always found an answer, So thanks to all of you
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Post by OmegaFusion »

Just wanted to say thank you so much... absolutely a great human service :)
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Post by !c3m@n »

this is great thing this phorum, thanks to all people who made it
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Post by nakile »

php is the best out there! IMO
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Great job!

Post by richsongusa »

:D You people do a fantastic job here with support and development. I will suggest to the boss that you all get a huge increase in salary! :wink:
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Post by Xtreme Duelist »

To richsongusa, phpBB is free, therfor, everyone who works for it, works for free. :)

And, to phpBB... it's awesome. Managing my forum was a breeze. Many styles are out, and mods. phpBB is such an awesome product... Thank you, psoTFX, and theFinn (forgot your name, >.<).

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Post by Jack_Kane »

I feel a wee bit stupid after being an avid searcher of this forum for many months, I have only just had this post pointed out to me when I created a new thank you post :roll:

Here's what I said....
Jack_Kane from his own wee world wrote: Hey folks,

I have just registered with the forums but have been visiting regularly all year.

This is just a thank you to everybody who has a part to play in this forum, i.e. the owners/creators, vast team of experts and all the users.

The reason I am taking the time to do this is because whenever I have had a problem with my own forums, I have always found the answer here somewhere. Even though there are thousands upon thousands of posts.

Tonight I thought my forums were ruined, gone, vanished after upgrading, but again, the answer was here.

I may be a big sap, but thanks to you all anyway.

Just an appreciation that's all.

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Post by Erikina »

Thanks a lot for your hard work!
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Post by Valkaire »

Thank you so much for offering nice and FREE forum software, phpBB kicks the snot out of vBulletin any day!
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Post by Athlon64fx »

thanks for the neet forums software. really nice and fun to use and very simple to install and upgrade. upgraded to the latest version in less than 5 minutes and went smooth as silk. :: meow ::

excellent work and keep a goin' ! ;)
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Post by CastWonder »

haha. good and free... nice for a person who cant move her legs
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Post by xxxxaaaa99 »

A great big thank you to all the fine phpBB people for developing the software and setting up the forum. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have replied when I have asked for help.


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Post by Sambo001 »

I have to agree.... This is great

Thanks :)
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