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Re: Discuss: phpBB Blog

Post by ElbertF »

Readers do all the work for you, perfect for lazy people like you and me. :)
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Re: Discuss: phpBB Blog

Post by Eelke »

Yep, many ways to make use of feeds. "Live Bookmarks" is still too active for me (yes, lazy as h*ll here as well :)), because you need to check your bookmarks menu (I tend to type the sites I want to visit in the address bar and rely on the browser to get it from my history). My day starts with whipping open Google Reader and start reading down, to see what happened in my world :) Also, now that I have an iPhone, I can now also check Reader in the toilet :P

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic rant. But as Elbert is saying, when you're lazy in nature, you'll love feeds :)
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