things wrong with 3.0

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Linda Carter
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by Linda Carter »

W3C/Highway of Life wrote:The objective of this technique is to avoid confusion that may be caused by the appearance of new windows that were not requested by the user. Suddenly opening new windows can disorientate or be missed completely by some users. In HTML 4.01 Transitional and XHTML 1.0 Transitional, the target attribute can be used to open a new window, instead of automatic pop-ups. (The target attribute is deleted from HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML 1.0 Strict.) Note that not using the target allows the user to decide whether a new window should be opened or not.
New windows? I thought Firefox users are seeing new tabs. How is this going to disorientate or even confuse anyone? :?:

Anyway, the whole problem with all those new standards is that you can change them, but many boards using new phpBB versions not controled by you, will use the default phpBB package with no option available on their Admin CPs to reverse that change so they will not be immediately inclined to modify the source-code, installing a MOD for example.

It's like assuming all Windows users are going to drop Windows Media Player and start using Media Player Classic or BsPlayer.

That's why many users are complaining here. It's not the lack of any fixes (we are perfectly able to open links on another windows by changing some lines of codes, I already did that on my board), it's the number of outside boards using the default phpBB package that will continue to grow using this awful "standard". The "damage" is already done, if you know what I mean.
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by T50 »

you know it isn't like it you CAN'T open them in a new window, so seriously i don't know why your complaining.

if you want it in a new window or tab, ALL you have to do is right click on the link and select your option
opening link in new window
opening link in new window
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by ElbertF »

Linda Carter wrote:It's like assuming all Windows users are going to drop Windows Media Player and start using Media Player Classic or BsPlayer.
You're assuming that everybody wants links to open in a new tab/window which is obviously not the case if you read the posts in this topic. When I browse the web I often like to navigate away from a page by clicking a link, it's very annoying when I'm forced to go to a new tab/window and close the other one. With the target attribute you have no choice, without it you do.

Clicking the back button to go back to the previous page is less confusing then having to close a tab/window, IMO.

Opinions are clearly divided on this one, that's why we have standards.
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by HereticMetal »

I did'nt read beyone page 1 because Im having a problem of my own that takes precedent in my mind right now, but your #2 problem, its the same way for me. If you click link and then hit the back button, everything is gone. Sorry if this has been resolved but after only reading page one and having everyone say it does'nt happen I figured I would tell you you're not crazy it happens to me too.
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by A_O_C »

this is still going? it has already been stated as to why the 2 main points happen (standards and reasoning). phpbb is NOT at fault here people!
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Re: things wrong with 3.0

Post by ToonArmy »

Discussion in this topic is not going anywhere, to summarise.
MrSinatra wrote:1. if i click a link in a post, it doesn't open in a new window or even a new tab. it goes there in the tab i am viewing, therefore navigating away from phpbb altogether. thats lame.
This is due to phpBB's compliance with web standards, specifically XHTML 1.0, which forbids the target attribute. Also not forcing hyperlinks to open in new windows, allows the user greater choice, as such it will not change by default. Spool back through the discussion for more detail. If you must you can break the default behaviour and have links open in new window.
MrSinatra wrote:2. if i foolishly do this from the writing a post screen, then when i click the back button, whatever i had typed in is GONE! thats AWFUL.
This is a bug in Internet Explorer we will not be working around because doing so could cause security issues.

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