[EVENT] phpBB Events Are Now Here

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[EVENT] phpBB Events Are Now Here

Post by Marshalrusty »

Introduction #
  • In order to increase the exposure of phpBB event topics, we have decided to merge the phpBB Events Forum into the phpBB Discussion Forum. You can mark your topic as an event topic by prefixing the title with "[EVENT]".

    You may use such topics to:
    • gauge community interest in your location.
    • announce events to the entire phpBB.com community.
    • invite others to join an established event.
    • plan potential events with others in your area.
    • allow the community to ask questions about announced events.
    • share stories, photos and wisdom from past events.
    The idea of an Events Forum was originally brought up during Londonvasion 2008, the first official phpBB conference. Members of the team were approached by community members and asked how the phpBB Group felt about unofficial phpBB centered events organised by users. We naturally thought it was a wonderful idea and thus the events forum was born.
>>>>>>>>> Click Here To View A List of Events In This Forum <<<<<<<<<<

Using this forum to organise an event #
  • Organising a meeting can be a rewarding experience, but the task is not effortless. We hope to provide you with valuable support through this forum. Share your tips and difficulties with the community by posting in the How to organise an event - answers, tips, tricks and advice topic. We're here to help.
  • Once you have established a time and place for your event, let the community know by changing the topic's title to the following:
    [EVENT][Date - DDD MMM DD YYYY | Location] Short Description
    Here are some examples:
    [EVENT][Sun Jul 20 2008 | London] Meet the phpBB team and fellow community members during Londonvasion!
    [EVENT][Mon Nov 17 2008 | Berlin] Join us near the Altes Museum for a day of phpBB discussion
    [EVENT][Sun Mar 13 2009 | New York City] Join us in Central Park for a day of phpBB activities
  • Maintain the first post of the topic by posting updated information regarding the event. You may wish to post things like:
    • the specific location; using Google maps to pinpoint is a good idea.
    • travel options to the location.
    • a list of attendees, or just the number of confirmed guests.
    • topics or specific events that will be held.
    • plans for food throughout the day.
    • a fast method to contact the chief organiser.
After the event #
  • After the event has taken place, be sure to update your topic with summaries, photos and videos so that the entire community is able to join in.
Questions? #

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