Extending PHPbb Login

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Extending PHPbb Login

Post by Saldash »

For the longest time I have been looking for a PHP based script that will let visitors to my site register using my site, and be able to use the forum with the same credentials automatically...

Recently I figured I had this the wrong way around.. So, can this be done..

I need for the visitor to be able to register an account using the PHPbb forum and to be able to extend that into my site..basicly register using the forum and when the visitor navigates to some non forum site pages.. I can still have "Welcome <user>, (<#> Messages) Log Out" on each of my web pages. likewise if they are not logged in to display a Login / Register link that takes them to the login / register forum pages respectively..

I would like to extend the permissions over too if possible, I have downloadable content on my site I wish to restrict to members only but still see the link to download button even if not member...
(Button should detect if they are viewing as guest or member and allow only members to download..)

Thank you guys,
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Re: Extending PHPbb Login

Post by onehundredandtwo »

I would suggest reading Add a Custom Page to phpBB.

As for the permissions, they can be set with your template file.

Good luck with your site ;)
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