phpbb3 blog button gone

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phpbb3 blog button gone

Post by aaalba »

php bb 3 has a blog button image - button_blog_new.gif i done evrything like the installer said

Code: Select all

Open: styles/prosilver/imageset/en/imageset.cfg

    Do this for all prosilver based styles and all languages.


Tip: This may be a partial find and not the whole line.
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img_button_topic_reply = button_topic_reply.gif*25*96

Add after

Tip: Add these lines on a new blank line after the preceding line(s) to find.
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# User Blog Mod
img_button_blog_new = button_blog_new.gif*25*96
BUT i still cant see that button, with laguage i think evrything is good, what i have to do? i see text "post a blog entry" but not a button.
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Re: phpbb3 blog button gone

Post by KevC »

You need to post in the topic for that MOD or the place where you got it.
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