Problem with users not receiving my Newsletters, Please Help

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Problem with users not receiving my Newsletters, Please Help

Post by Andysj » Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:18 pm


Problem with users not receiving my Newsletters – Please Help

I run a website where I have a phpBB forum version 2.0.22 and PHPlist.

How I have them set up
I have got it set up so that when someone clicks to register on the forum they are informed that by doing so they will also be signing up to our newsletter. Upon them filling out the forum they are then sent an email which explains this again and which has a confirmation link and once they read that email and click on that confirmation link both their forum account is activated and their details are added to our PHPlist.

Thus a double opt in system to ensure that only people who want to receive our newsletters get our newsletters.

Furthermore, I have the PHPlist function turned on that allows readers to click a link from within each and every newsletter to remove themselves from our Newsletter mailing list. This will not deactivate their forum account, but will mean that they no longer receive our newsletters. In addition to this I put my personal email in each Newsletter so that if people have any doubts about how it works or would rather I unsubscribe them they can contact me.

Sever Information
The server that the website and database that both the phpBB forum and PHPlist is on, is a shared hosting server.

Problem 1
It turns out that on the server, the hosting company also has a whole bunch of adult sites, which appear to be sending spam. This in turn seems to be getting the server added to spam lists, which means that the newsletters that I send are not being received by users.

Problem 2
In an attempt to stop these adult sites from sending Spam, the hosting company has from time to time made it so that the php send function does not work. This often means that when people attempt to sign up to my forum and mailing list they don’t receive the confirmation email. Obviously this is a double hit to me.

Question / Possible Solution
Would it be a possible to move the database to another server whilst leaving the site on the same server?

More information
I do have a virtual dedicated server that has its own unique ip address, I believe as we would be the only people using that server there should be no problem. So that is where I would think we could move the database to.

More Questions
1. If we did get the database moved to our virtual dedicated server, could we have it set so that the forum pages still appear on the original domain?
2. Would I be wise to set up a new domain name on the server with the virtual dedicated server so that both confirmation emails and newsletters are sent from that domain instead of from the domain and server where the list and forum are currently?
3. Would it be possible to pay someone to solve this problem for us, and or move the database etc?
4. If it is possible, where would I look for such a person and how much would I need to pay them?
5. Also what information would I need to give to the person?

I hope someone on here will know the answers to my questions, likewise is there is any other solutions which I have not thought of?

Kind regards

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Re: Problem with users not receiving my Newsletters, Please Help

Post by Erik Frèrejean » Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:22 pm

Hi Andysj,
I'm going to close this topic for a couple of reasons. First of all it is support related but you've posted it in the discussion forum.
Secondly you are running phpBB 2.0.22, which is outdated. As of 0:00 UTC January 1st, 2009 we don't support any version of the 2.0.x branch (we can help you converting to phpBB3 if you wish) and your problem is (looking at the topic title) caused by a MOD. For support regarding MODs you must always contact the author.

Thanks for understanding.
Erik Frèrejean
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