[Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Crogon »


First off: All you all whining about spam mail?? Give it a rest! Every single one of these people are here working for FREE. They donate hundreds of hours and hours on end so that you can HAVE a site to explore to allow you to build and develop on the most powerful online bulletin board system yet devised by mankind.. and all you can do is whine about some spam mail?? Turn on your fricken spam filter and quit whining like a 3 year old! Do you see THEIR husbands, wives, mates and children getting on here because for over two weeks they stayed up late burning the midnight oil just to get this community back up on it's feet?

Each and every person here has put in YEARS of service, and has proven themselves to carry the virtues of truth, honor, integrity, trust, devotion and sympathy. How do you think a person with that kind of heart feels knowing that the world in general holds them responsible for the spammers of the world getting over 300,000 email addresses, user names and passwords??

Yeah that's right. Most of you can't even conceive of it. Imagine your high school lover ditched you for your mortal enemy. Once you got through being angry and acting like a baby, you'd feel a cold empty pit in the bottom of your heart. Well that's what each and every one of these charity driven, selfless, model examples of what a human being should be.. is feeling right now. ..and will continue feeling until they can bring themselves to heal the pain over time and try to find something to fill the void.

Did they freak out and run around whining and crying? No! Once they realized that they had been knocked on their arse straight into a 2 foot deep puddle full of sewage, they stood up, brushed themselves off and walked out of it with all of the grace, style and accord of a saint.

Let me simplify it. Each and every one of them, deserves for each and every one of us, to buy them a beer. Clear enough?

Second, and more importantly: A deep and heartfelt tip of the hat to you boys.. hell, you deserve a full fledged bow. 8-) Well done! I hope and pray that with the good kharma you folks have racked up, each of you lives a charmed life for as long as you're with us. :mrgreen:

As far as I'm concerned, each and every one of you should take a 3 or 4 day weekend and spend time with your friends and loved ones and not spare a second thought to phpbb until the time is up. Lest you forget in your zeal to your devotion.. 'what it's all for in the first place?' ;)
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Saint_hh »

Welcome back!
Great to see phpbb.com back online. Thanks to the whole staff for the hard work.
Hopefully this "individual", who caused this mess, will be caught. :x
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by JimA »

Great to see it's back. Many thanks to all the team members who worked so hard the last 10 days and to OSUOSL. :)
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by onehundredandtwo »

Great job to the phpBB team, glad to be back. I was beginning to miss phpBB. :cry:
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Ishimaru Chiaki »

Thanks goodnes, it's finally back ! That week was so long while phpbb.com was down !

Let's take a drink for the hard work !
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by mtotheikle »

Great job guys for getting the site back on. Shows that you all have great dedication to this project which is great!
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by wired076 »

I am glad that phpBB is back up!

It was definitely a long week!

In that time during the hack and phpBB team's hard work I signed up to area51 when it came online to start helping those who were having issues and I even signed up to Highway of Life's site StarTrek Guide. I had always thought of it as a great source of information and the issues with phpBB despite not being phpBB team's fault I signed up to Star Trek Guide and it has been and will be another invaluable source of information for phpBB . It definitely came in handy during the week!

I would just like to say once again the hard work that the phpBB team has put in has been great! I can still see that there is a lot more work to be done but hopefully this has allowed the phpBB community to be stregthened by this attack and to get all those who have a website to be more security aware.

Gee I miss the search function. Already tried using it more than ten times today out of habit to keep an eye on threads that I am helping others out on.

P.S I think that the red box should also have a link to the progress of the site coming back online. A lot of people haven't found the blog about the issues on the site.

Keep up the good work. :) 8-)
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by akbarlakho »

Welcome Back
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Eelke »

Great job, everyone who contributed to getting the site back up!
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Derky »

Thanks phpBB team for all the time you've putted in recovering phpBB.com!
So now it's time to sit back and take a beer Image or two... :mrgreen: :P
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

Ishimaru Chiaki wrote:Let's take a drink for the hard work !
I think I'll pass my round on, 9 AM is a bit early for that stuff :mrgreen:.

/me has to many unread topic here
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Goztow »

/me changed password

Good to have phpbb.com back :).
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Jume »

Thanks for all the efforts and I'm glad the site is back online.
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by malli »

Nice to have this back online
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Re: [Discuss] Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen

Post by Sniperbot »

I'm glad you guys are up and running. I hope the issues were resolved. I really appreciate all the hard work and time you guys put just for us (the community). Thank you. I didn't know if my site could of survived without you guys. :lol:

Thanks again,
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