Moded Forum?

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Moded Forum?

Post by $LivenLife$ »

I wanted to know does anyone know where i can get a forum that is already moded with the following...

1. phpBB Garage 1.0.5
2. Log IP Address on Registration
3. EasyMOD
4. Simple Image Upload
5. Auto-Refresh Forum
6. Latest Users Online
7. Latest active topics on index
8. Simple Colored Usergroups
9. Today-Yesterday Relative Time Mod 1.1.0
10. Inline Banner Ad
11. Configure Member Profile Required Fields
12. Disallow guests to post URL's
13. Annual Stars
14. Topic Calendar - phpBB edition
15. Ajax Shoutbox
16. Skype MOD
17. Arcade / Activities MOD 2.1.8
18. Birthdays
19. Full Name
20. MSN Messenger
21. Who Viewed My Profile 1.5.4
22. Counter MOD 1.0.0
23. Another Online/Offline indicator 1.2.1
24. Who Viewed My Profile 1.5.5
25. DM Weekly Video - phpBB2 Edition 1.0.1
26. Profile views 1.1.1

I run CAMix Auto Performance, and the forum i am using has alot of errors in our admin area so i am looking just to overwrite the files with a new forum. Any help will be great, i am still trying to learn php and our club admin stepped down a bit ago, and this is how i found our site. So i am trying to fix it before we a point a new club admin.
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Re: Moded Forum?

Post by Dog Cow »

Certainly not here. phpBBFM might have some of that stuff, though.
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Re: Moded Forum?

Post by Anon »

Sorry, we can't support premodded forums here, nor guide you towards them because of the risks they pose. We highly recommend that you only install MODs if you know that you need them

Thanks, closing
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Re: Moded Forum?

Post by KevC »

That's also phpBB2 for which support officially ended on Jan 1st 2009.
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