Integrating general site login with phpBB database

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Integrating general site login with phpBB database

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I am currently running a phpBB 3.0.4 board with a healthy mid sized community. I would like to create a singular login for the site as a whole, home page users would be allowed to vote on polls, comment on articles etc. I'd rather not have two separate logins.

Is there any reason why I couldn't do this? - If anyone has set something like this up or could advise on potential pitfalls that would be a great help.

I would look essentially to create a new registration form that captured all the required data and save records to the existing database tables used to support the forum. This form would have the required phpBB fields but would be designed with both the home page and forum users in mind (In terms of design and explanation on the page etc). The one thing I wasn't sure about is sessions and how each part of the site in turn would recognise the login attempt.

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Re: Integrating general site login with phpBB database

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Did you search for "login" or anything similar? ;) I just did and found the Integrating PHPBB with Member Area Login topic.

Or, on the front page of this forum is the Integration of phpBB and non PHP pages topic which covers quite a bit of this.

It seems to be a rather common topic. :)

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