How did you learn phpbb?

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How did you learn phpbb?

Post by Elitzur »

Hey all, well today as I was just editing some code on my forum, I was thinking to myself, what I was
doing was not easy stuff but when you think about it, it wasn't hard either. I just wanted to know everyones
input especially the phpBB Teams input and even more specifically the MOD Team and Development teams
input on how they learnt so much.

Now I'm not saying the Moderator team and the styles team and the support teams don't know anything because
that is completely false but I am just saying, the MOD team work with the MOD authors and do all these
cool features and customizations and the development team, well they wrote the whole phpbb code in the first
place, and I just wanted to know, how did you actually learn all of this.

I have been on a few team member websites, I wont name them, because that would be giving them some
free advertising space ;) ;) But anyways, yeah I saw some and the design and the features, 75% of the things
in bedded in that code, that just, well doesn't mean nothing, but it just confuses me, you know.

So what I really want to know is, how did you lot learn all this code and stuff because I really want to become
good at this, I suppose I have to say I am picking it up, but my sites compared to your sites, ughh mine
are rubbish :lol:

So what do you think and please discuss :)

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