Board-tracker (torrents), question

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Board-tracker (torrents), question

Post by Linda Carter » Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:17 pm

Do you know how those trackers are working, I mean, did they just addapted some scripts and inserted some MODs to make them log all tracker activities, or they are using specific boards/scripts to do this job? Is phpBB capable of working like that, knowing what indexed files were uploaded/downloaded from the tracker, what did you got so far (and when you are seeding), your UL speed and all sorts of stats?

I was also wondering if a tracker with less than 2.000 users and huge files is going to spend a lot of bandwith/resources... is it possible to sign for a host service and have something like that?

Note: When I say tracker, I am not talking about PirateBay, Mininova, etc. Those sites have specific boards for users to talk, like phpBB, Invision, etc. I mean trackers where the user have access to the tools of site and the board is stating his overall ratio and the ammount of data he sent/received, on his profile. That means the forums are connected to the tracker tools and the board also logs all those stats. Only private trackers are doing this.
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