[Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

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Jeroen B
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Jeroen B »

Thanks Meik :)
Good luck Nils!
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by tbackoff »

Thanks Meik! Let's not forget, we have a new Developer.
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by kenno »

Thank you, Meik! Great job leading developing team ;)
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Patrick »

You were a credit to the position, Meik. Thank you. Best of luck with what's next for you.

Good luck and congratulations to Nils, as well.


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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by stickerboy »

Meik, a huge thanks for everything you have put into this project. It's great to see that you will still be a part of it (nobody can escape teh bertie :twisted: ). And congratulations to Nils, looking forward to seeing what you have to bring to phpBB :)
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by kmklr72 »

A huge thanks to you Meik. You took the phpBB project from the long break in development to a force to be reckoned with in the web community as a whole. Being the lead developer on one of the most used web scripts in the world is something I can't imagine doing and I thank you greatly for your work and leadership. I wish you the best in whatever you do from here on.

Also a big congratulations to Nils. They picked a great person to continue to lead the continued development of phpBB. I look forward to what you and the Dev team come up with for the rest of phpBB3 and phpBB3.1/4 development.

Once again, big thanks to both of you for all of your work and I wish you the best of luck.
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Saint_hh »

Thank you very much Mike, you did a really great job!
I still remember the time when "Olympus" was some kind of "on hold", but interesting screenshots of the planned basic system features have been available. I've always wished that this project will get in gear again, as it already looked very promising in this stage. Then you kicked in and the project was straight back on the track. In the end there is now this wonderful gift, called phpBB3, you and your development mates gave to the world. Thank you again!
All the best for the future!

And of course all the best to naderman - I'm sure you will lead this project in a good way to new horizons! :)
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by roelfarm »

Thanks Meik
For all that you have done in enabling ordinary people to use phpBB fora.......a hugh step forward in communication of ideas,
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Ahri89 »

Thanks Acyd Burn!!! Thanks for your great job!!!
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by SamG »

arod-1 wrote:Meik,
You took over a dysfunctional project and put it back on the right track.
Indeed. A job that required enormous focus despite enormous pressure, a job not many could have done so successfully if at all, IMHO.
Patrick wrote:You were a credit to the position, Meik.

Many thanks, Meik, and best wishes!
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by DoYouSpeakWak »

This is indeed sad news. But things change from time to time. The good thing is that there are so many dedicated and capable people within the phpBB teams to take over and countinue this great project into the future. What that will bring is gonna be intresting to see.

Thanks to Meik for all the years of dedicated work, all the late nights and hair pulling (to all the team basicly)

And good luck to Nils as the new team leader.
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by jamj »

t_backoff wrote:Thanks Meik! Let's not forget, we have a new Developer.
Compliment Jelly!!! ;)
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Highway of Life
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Highway of Life »

Meik, thank you so much for all the work that you have done for this project. I believe the phpBB project would not be where it is now without you. You have brought so much to the teams, your leadership has been truly inspiring, and your code has been awesome. :)
We will miss you as the Development Team Leader, but mostly, I hope you don’t leave the phpBB project. I hope the "Server" role is not a temporary role so that you can phase out (although, I can understand if that is the case, look what happened to me. :) )

And for Nils, I couldn’t be happier. Congratulations to you Nils, you’ve earned it, the position couldn’t go to a more deserving guy. I was amazed by your leadership during Londonvasion to take charge of some of the internals of phpBB and I am happy now that you get to take that a step further as development team leader. I look forward to your plans for phpBB4 and the future development of phpBB, it’s an exciting time for the project.
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by 3Di »

Needless to say, dear Meik that it was a pleasure having you even if only virtually known before, during, and after that I was part of the MOD team. You are an 'Icona' to me, let me say that.

I greatly appreciated your sensitivity in relating with others and politeness. Thank you very much for all of this. Thanks for everything you gave to the project.

There was much to learn reading and understanding your codes and there is still the hope that that happens again, thanks to your successor, whom I compliment, and all the Teams indeed.

I wish you all the best for the next. :)
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Re: [Discuss] A Change in Development Leadership

Post by Rotsblok »

Thanks Meik, Good luck Nils.. (no need to write more i guess..)
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