[Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

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[Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by wGEric »

Discuss the announcement here.
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Uzam »

Congratulations wGEric, you deserve the position.

Thanks for all your great mods and hard work evil :)

Will be missed by me and many others.

Congrats <3
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Desdenova »

Igor, noooo! Not you! :(

Good luck, man, and best of luck.
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by phpbb.it »

Noo evil

Thanks for your job in the phpbb
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Fexys »

:shock: noo evil :(
Thanks evil for your great job ;)
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by LordVetinari »

The second big change at phpBB. Hopefully this is not a phpBB-disease. I can understand the reasons, but I hope, that the quality of phpBB will not change.

Best wishes for you!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by stickerboy »

Igor, thanks so much for all the work that you put into the team, it's been a pleasure to work with you :)
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Eric, great to see you back on the MOD team (give paul the odd slap now and then, yez? :lol: )
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by SamG »

The MOD Team has done a great job growing with the phpBB project as a whole, and that's impressive. So it is sad to see you leave, Igor, but personal reasons are powerful and good reasons. The very best to you and yours!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by MichaelC »

Noo, you can't leave. :( :cry: Its sad to see you go but all good things must come to an end. Good bye and thanks.

And congrats on the new job Eric
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by kmklr72 »

Igor, thanks for all of the work you've done with the various MOD tools and all leadership, help, and inspiration you've given not only to the mod team, but to the entire MOD community.

Eric, congratulations on getting the move to MOD team leader. I look forward to your contributions/help :D .
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Elias »

This guy has an amazing drive!

Thanks for everything!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by imkingdavid »

Too bad you had to go, but good work while you were still on the team.

Congrats Eric on your return to MOD Team leader. :)
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Qiaeru »

BIG thanks for everything, Igor!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Sam »

Thanks Igor, you were an awesome MOD team leader and a great person. I look forward to continue hearing from you in the future. :)

Good luck man,
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by DoYouSpeakWak »

Thanks for all the work done here, the massive amount of time spend here is not a light task, and will be hard for anyone to follow up on. And thanks for allowing me to continue to work on one of your mods and the good communication regarding this.

Times change, i wish you the best in all future adventures.
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