[Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by ChriZathens »

Thanks a lot Igor for all your great work and I hope every success ιn your life...
WGeric, good luck on your new duty!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Ger »

Evil>3, the MOD development has grown a lot under your supervision. Many thanks for that and all the best with the personal stuff which need your attention.

wGEric, thanks for coming back!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by updown »

Thanks Igor for all your astonishing and amazing work! Also your MODs are incredible, not to forget to mention the main-development of your "masterpiece" - the Troll-MOD!

Even though we did not comply in the latest discussion and decision concerning PM Reading MODs, my respect is with you - and I wish you all the best!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Dogs and things »

The best of luck Igor, thanks for everything! :)
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Senky »

So great person for phpBB... Thanks "evil" for all things that helped me to do MODs easier...
Also all the best for why you have left MOD leadership...
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by drankur »

Thanks to evil , we will miss you a lot.... I hope that you return to phpbb again in future

Dr. Ankur
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Patrick »

You're a good guy, Igor. Best of luck to you. :)

Good luck Eric, in your returning role, as well.

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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Dr.Death »

Thanks Igor, see you on .com and .de
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by lefty74 »

Igor, thanks very much for everything you have done for the community.
All the best for the future and take care!

Eric, all the best to you as well :)
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by wang5555 »

Thanks Igor for your help and selfless dedication.
Also thanks Eric for your come back. :)
It is more blessed to give than to reveive, welcome to letter, thanks & good-bye!
Good luck ^_^
Welcome to my forum!!
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by mr.vixus »

thank you for all things evil
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by 3Di »

Of-course thank you, Igor. For everything. Keep cool. :)

About Eric, welcome back.
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by damsprivate »

well all of the people that i know is starting to leave one by one :| maybe its time for regeneration :)
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Re: [Discuss] Change in MOD Team Leadership

Post by Sajaki »

Evil<3, thanks for all the good advice on IRC and in the mod writers forum, pity you're not around anymore, take care..
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