SEO Experts!?

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SEO Experts!?

Post by zeeman »

Hi there,

I have a question regarding SEO - I seen most of you don't recommend anything for SEO as phpBB indexes fine, which it does but I would have to say it only indexes fine if your forum is something specific. I am setting up an automobile forum that is going to cover all makes/models from a certain time period. My question is, since I can't have 2500 keywords of each car make/model/part, what do you guys suggest? Would the Dynamic META tags actually benefit me in this case? It is almost impossible to compete with the rest of those car forums (unless I want to pay some big bucks), so more than likely I will only attract people who are looking for something specific related to their vehicle, so I almost need everything as a meta tag I would think...I thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Re: SEO Experts!?

Post by Sam »

phpBB indexes fine as you have discovered, but there are still ways you can further improve it.

Advanced Meta tag MOD: ... &t=1070025
Changing around your <title>: ... #p12074915 (not a MOD, but a simple code edit that puts some of your keywords in easy reach)
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Re: SEO Experts!?

Post by IPB_Refugee »

The MODs from are a good beginning.
Regarding meta tags: At least Google ignores the meta tag "keywords".

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